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PlaySport: What you need to know

Dazed by the amount of sport offered at Christ Church? UNIFied breaks down your options so you don’t have to. 

As a fresher, or even a returnee 2nd or 3rd year, we’ve all done the whole Freshers Fayre fiasco where we’ve been bombarded with a ton of information, eaten the free pizza and been handed more flyers then we care to count, advertising every society and team under the sun. But what if you’ve been so blown away with what is on offer that you’re just not sure?

Fortunately for you, the Sports department at Christ Church has you covered.


Allow me to introduce to you PlaySport – a scheme set up by Christ Church Sport allowing you to just ‘Turn Up and Play’ sports from volleyball and trampolining on a Monday, right the way through to Gaelic football and futsal on a Saturday for just £1 per session or £20 for a pass to unlimited sessions for the whole year. Predominantly taking place at the state of the art Canterbury Christ Church Sports Centre, the PlaySport scheme is perfect for all abilities. If you still need persuading, all the equipment is provided for you, making access to sport both easy and affordable.

PlaySport Leagues

Individual sports not your thing? You can always try PlaySport Leagues – simply sign up your team online and you could play 11 –a-side football on a Wednesday for £1 a match or £30 to play the league. Don’t like football? Try 5-a-side futsal on a Friday for £1 or £15 to play the league. The Leagues scheme allows you to play semi-competitively with your friends, housemates, course mates or societies for a little at £1 per match, opening up the doors to try something new.


Finally, we have the TrySport scheme. Similarly, to the PlaySport scheme, these sports are all equipment provided however have a far broader range of sports paid for in sessions of 3 or 6 weeks. These sports include multi water sport courses of 3 weeks from Saturday 22nd October through until Saturday 5th November at Dover Sea Sports Centre and offer sailing; windsurfing; paddleboarding; raft building; and rowing for £15 for 3 weeks. Alternatively, you can try 6 weeks of karate at the Sports Centre on Mondays from 17th October- 21st November for £10 or even horseriding at Barton Equestrian Centre for £25 for 6 weeks.

With the PlaySport and TrySport schedules changing each term, the opportunities are broad enough for you to finding a new sport and getting active this autumn are endless.

For more information or to sign up, get in touch:

Christ Church website at:

Twitter: @CCCUSport

Facebook: Christ Church Sport

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