Sneak Peak Varsity 2017: Meeting our Sports President and Team Captains

Varsity 2017 is coming. There are less than 100 days until Varsity kicks off in February and UNIfied got a sneak peak at the team captain photo shoot this week

Varsity 2017: A Sneak Peak

Varsity is a week long tournament that takes places up and down the country with universities competing against their local rivals at every sport both universities do. In case you’ve been living under a rock during your time at university: Christ Church compete against University of Kent (UKC).

On Tuesday morning, UNIfied got a behind the scenes access to the photo shoot of both UKC and Christ Church’s team captains as well as sports presidents Biba Chuta (Christ Church) and Elliot Shell  (UKC).

Biba, Christ Church’s Sports President and rugby player is equally enthusiastic about the upcoming competition – despite laughing over Christ Church losing Varsity for the “last 17 years”, she remains optimistic that this can be challenged.

She said: “As long as everyone gives it their best, trains hard and works hard, that’s all I can ask for”.

Biba, like many university students, only got into rugby whilst at university. Having played hockey at school and athletics in between, her friends encouraged her to try out rugby in her second year, making it to president last year. Biba is a great example of how students can use university as a pathway into sport and it’s clear to see why she’s been elected as Sport President.

Biba Chuta and the Christ Church team captains
Biba Chuta and the Christ Church team captains

Elliot, a rugby player for UKC, as well as Sports President, said: “Varsity is the highlight of the year for a lot of students at university.

“It’s a chance to bring out everyone’s competitive side and a bit of healthy competition.

“It’s a showcase of sport for all levels, not just the elite.”

So what is so great about Varsity?

Speaking to some of our sports captains, the energy is evidently building up for February as new students and new team captains are settling into their roles. Talking to trampolining captain George Davey, Varsity is great for teams that only have a limited number of competitions per year. Trampolining only competes in BUCS throughout the year and Varsity, so having another competition to strive for gives trampolining “another competitive edge to the sport”.

Alex Reiseley and Emily Parkinson for the badminton team talked about their enthusiasm for the development of the team aiding them in their bid to win against UKC this year. Alex told UNIfied that he hopes Christ Church will win the badminton Varsity this year as they’ve lost the last two. Their team has been motivated by the increased number of members, higher commitment and improved coaching which will hopefully ensure a few wins for Christ Church and finally allow them to lift up that Varsity Winners sign!

So far it’s looking pretty positive for team Christ Church, with enthusiasm and a determination to beat UKC, we could be looking to finally break that 17 year streak and see an overall Christ Church victory. The hype does not stop here however, keep your eyes peeled for more Varsity coverage courtesy of UNIfied.

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