Why you should join a society

President of the Disney society Anna Woodfield explains the benefits of joining a society whilst at university

You get to make friends

This is one of the most important things about university. As you are (probably) moving away to a different city/town, you may not know anyone. This means it is very important for you to find people to socialise with and societies are a great way to do this. You’re able to find people with common interests as you – meaning you could potentially find your housemates for the next year – the people you live with at uni could turn out to be friends for life. Also, making friends is important as you need to make sure you’re not working yourself too hard and that you’re taking time for yourself and, having friends that you can socialise with and go out with is a great way to do this.

You get to try something new

Canterbury Christ Church, like every university, has a whole host of different societies and sports teams. From the Harry Potter appreciation society to the Arts, Crafts and Media society and from Rounder’s to Futsal, there is something for everyone. While you can obviously join something you are really good at, why not try something new as well? All the societies and sports teams accept beginners as well as advanced members in terms of skill level so you won’t be alone. Each society and sports team is really good at supporting new members so that you are included regardless of your skill level and you could really surprise yourself and enjoy it.

You get to take part in a variety of different activities

As well as getting the opportunity to take part in a variety of different events with the societies and sports teams you join, you will also be able to go on trips, either locally or abroad. For example, the Harry Potter Society at CCCU have a trip to the Warner Brothers Studio and some of the sports teams at CCCU partake in a yearly trip abroad – last year they went to Spain and this year they’re going to Croatia. Trips abroad are a fabulous way to get to know the other members of a society and really feel like you are a part of something special.

You could have the opportunity to be elected onto the committee of your respective society

If you join a society or sports team, you could have the opportunity to be on the committee of the society. This usually happens when you are in your second year as some/all of the committee might be graduating. There are a variety of different roles available, from society/sports team president to social sec. Having a role on the committee not only gives you valuable life experience in organisation and social skills but it also looks great on your CV.

They really enhance your uni experience

Lastly, being part of a society or sports team really enhances your uni experience. Whether it’s making friends, watching movies or going abroad with a sports team, societies and sports teams offer something for everyone.


Find out more about which societies are available here.


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