The boys, smashed UKC!

Canterbury Varsity 2017: CCCU just miss out on another win

UKC just manage to gain a victory over CCCU in the badminton Canterbury Varsity 2017

UKC gain a landslide victory in the badminton Canterbury Varsity 2017

Day 3 of the annual Varsity sporting event saw C4 Badminton team being beaten by UKC in both the Men’s and Women’s Badminton fixtures.

The players for both teams ran onto the courts as team spirit was at an all time high, as the Varsity Men’s team captain told us that: “the team is strong this year and we have a good chance of gaining back a victory over Kent”, unfortunately this was not the case.

The games were very fast paced as on each side of the sports hall, there were four games happening at once, singles and doubles, men and women.

Varsity 2017

The #CCCUVARSITY team put in an amazing effort with two women’s doubles match wins and one women’s single match win. The men, alongside the women also won two singles matches but no doubles matches.

Unified managed to catch a few words with the Christ Church Women’s team captain who despite the overall loss, was very proud of her team and all the effort they put in.

Despite not being able to beat UKC, the support for the Christ Church teams was tremendous and definitely helped to boost the spirits of the team – utterly encompassing the true spirit of Varsity.

This event adds another point onto the overall score for the University of Kent, who now have 6 points compared to Canterbury Christ Church University with only one.

Follow the rest of the events of the day in our live blog here and stay tuned for the Basketball coming later today.

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