Canterbury Varsity 2017: Jiu Jitsu grab a victory for CCCU

As Varsity continues, we take a look at what happened yesterday at Jiu Jitsu where CCCU managed to come out on top.

Just as a martial artist would fight for honour and victory, the members of Christ Church’s jujitsu society battled their way to glory over UKC in yesterday morning’s Varsity competition. The match took place on familiar ground: the CCCU sports centre.

The competition was an entertaining mix of skill and heart as each team showcased their blood, sweat and training in a bid to win the most points for their team.

It began with a gauntlet: a corridor-style beat-em-up that consisted of the martial artist disabling and incapacitating oncoming assailants from either side – bottles and wooden kali sticks in hand – with joint locks of the arm and wrist, throws of the shoulder and hip and sweeps of the leg and feet.

Watch and listen to what happened here:

Weapons and fists were used safely throughout the competition, but these are techniques that could easily dislocate joints and shatter bones if left unchecked. The fact that these were employed so safely by all participants is testament to their hard work in training – something which Sensei Alex Field surely took into account.

The second and final stage was the showcase of the “V”: a fast paced scenario where a lone martial artist stands against a V-shape of opponents – each with a weapon in hand – charging the lone artist one at a time, in an unrelenting attempt to put him down.

Christ Church started really well; each athlete skilfully applied their techniques and individual style to every trial. Some gained ground by slowly backing away, providing themselves with breathing space, never getting hit. Others stood strong, right in the enemy’s face, daring them to come forth.

In the end, Christ Church came out on top with the judge giving their skill, diversity and adaptability credit over that of UKC. However UKC were able fighters who provided a strong challenge. Christ Church should be wary for the future.

Though there were no favourites and it was a team effort, one cannot ignore the vast cheers as jiu jitsu President Daniel Hunnable entered the fray. He proved his rank of green belt as he overcame knives, sticks and fists, in a powerful display. Let us hope that he leads his team to further success.

Everybody loves Dan:

Presiding judge and brown belt Sensei Alex Field said at the end of the game: “I thoroughly enjoyed judging your varsity today, saw some pretty decent jitsu and the scores were very very close! Congrats to CCCU on the win. Commiserations UKC, you will just have to fight for it next year!”

This was a good victory for Christ Church, they exhibited how martial arts can be both safe and deadly at the same time. A display of beautiful brutality where everyone went home unharmed and won a solid victory to boot. Well done Christ Church.

UNIfied’s Akeem Bourne catches up with Alex Field at the end of the competition:

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