Canterbury Varsity 2017: Victory for CCCU’s Women’s Hockey

CCCU women’s hockey 1s went home victorious after a 2-1 win against UKC  gaining another point for varsity.

Monday saw Canterbury Christ Church University’s varsity hockey teams overwhelming success in the evening as the men’s 2s and women’s 1s teams both took a point for varsity with a 2-1 lead.


Edie Kelly said: “I’m so proud of the girls, it was clear we dominated the whole game and I’m delighted that this means we’ve beaten Kent 3 times this year. Now we have to keep focused and get into the playoffs for the premiership.”


The women’s 1s was the main game of the day for hockey and had a much larger turnout of fans, despite chilly weather and head pounding drums in the background.

A UKC fan, said: “We aren’t allowed Megaphones at the varsity games because it is distracting, so how is a drum any different?”

It was a fast paced game between the both teams, the CCCU side caught their break in the first half when they scored for the first time after being previously denied a goal.

The denied goal for CCCU was disallowed because the ball did not hit the backboard, the reaction from the fans was outrage and disappointment.

The pressure was showing as minor mistake and slip ups kept being made by the Kent players preventing them from making progress.

Not long after the second half had begun Christ Church was determined to widen the gap and managed to slip past yet another goal.

However, in the later stages of the second half University of Kent had received a penalty where they finally got a goal leaving them only one goal behind with little time left.

Despite Kent player’s incredible efforts to equalise in the final moments it was cut short by the whistle blow.

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