Canterbury Varsity 2017: Women’s hockey 2s defeated

C4 Hockey girls second team were met with an unfortunate loss to UKC earlier today. Read more to see what happened during the match. 
Here is the team on the pitch about to start the match:

Kent beat Christ Church in the women’s hockey 2s 2-0 in Canterbury Varsity 2017.

Both teams were strong and well-practiced, but it wasn’t a win for CCCU as Kent scored two amazing goals, winning the match.

Kent had more possession in the first half of the match having three good penalty opportunities, but CCCU’s defence was incredibly strong.

In the closing minutes of the first half, Kent found the perfect gap in the CCCU defence, seizing opportunity and scoring the first goal of the match. However, in the second half, one of their players was sent off with a yellow card in the closing stages of the match meaning they were one man down for 10 minutes of the game.

Unfortunately, CCCU struggled to use having an extra player on the field as an opportunity, with close scoring opportunities available but none which got to the back of the net.

Varsity is being dominated by Kent, with overall wins now being 15-4.

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