Canterbury Varsity 2017: Do you know the Canterbury Varsity oath?

Have you read the Canterbury Varsity mission statement and oath?

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Nineteen years ago Varsity was born, it saw two institutions, Canterbury Christ Church and the University of Kent, go head to head to showcase the best of University sport within the local community, with the aim to raise money for a charity.

It’s safe to say, the Varsity competition we see today looks very different to that of 1999. We have taken great steps forward, yet lost a number of key principles in which the competition was initially built upon.

In 2017, we aim to go back to basics, and to where we first began, in order to bring you a sporting spectacle like no other.

‘Our mission is to promote friendship, pride and passion through a celebration of sport.’


We feel proud and honoured to represent our University in the competition.

We will compete in the true spirit of sportsmanship, fair play, and respect for our opposition.

We will respect all multi-cultural faiths, sexuality and genders, and will enhance the community spirit through a connective partnership.

We win together, and we lose together. We are Varsity.


All participants of Varsity 2017 should conduct themselves in a competitive yet professional manner in order to uphold the reputation of Christ Church Students’ Union (CCSU) and Kent Union as well as their respective parent institutions.

Any players found to be in breach of any part of the Varsity Code of Conduct, will be liable to disciplinary action by CCSU and Kent Union in line with the Sports Code of Practice.

Please click here to read the Varsity Code of Conduct.

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