Canterbury Varsity 2017: Men’s Hockey 1s Victorious over UKC

Men’s Hockey 1s smash UKC with 5 goals to 1 in Canterbury Varsity 2017. UNIfied has more on their awesome victory

CCCU Men’s hockey 1s triumph over UKC

Christ Church had a powerful team with Ryan Elvy scoring a hat trick in the game. Harry Roberts was also a scorer scoring the final two, which makes 10 goals spanning his Varsity career.

Kent did have a pretty amazing defence as they blocked quite a few of the short corners given to Christ Church, although the Christ Church boys were victorious.

The crowd seemed to be a majority of Christ Church supporters in the end with a guest appearance of the famous Christ Church Old Boy Ian Blackmore who brought a drum to organise the Christ Church fans’ chants.

Even though Christ Church Hockey won 3 out 4 of their matches today, the overall Varsity score is looking like a Kent victory again.


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