6 flatmates you’ll almost definitely be living with

You are almost guaranteed to make some great friends in your new flatmates, and you’ll make heaps of memories together for sure. 

In every accommodation there seems to be the same ‘group of flatmates’.

So, without further ado, allow me to introduce you to 6 flatmates you’re almost guaranteed to be living with:

The Popular One

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Despite only being at uni for a grand total of forty-eight hours, this Fresher seems to have already made a hoard of friends and will seldom enter the flat without them.

You may begin to find it hard to remember which one of their gang is actually your flatmate.

The Prankster

This flatmate is infamous: they exist in almost every student flat and you’ve probably been warned about them by friends and family who suffered at the hands of their flat prankster when they were at uni.

I’m talking tin foil covering everything in your kitchen cupboards, your bedroom furniture turned upside down and your shower head filled with gravy granules.

Be wary around this flatmate, and never leave them unsupervised.

The Party Animal

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While this flatmate can give you the boost of confidence you need to venture out of the flat during Freshers’ Week, their constant need to fulfil their seemingly endless partying quota can soon wear thin.

Sooner or later, studying will have to take priority, so don’t feel guilty if you have to pretend you’re not in by simply ignoring their ceaseless door knocking once in a while.

The One Who’s Never In

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This roommate is the mystery man of your flat, in that he or she never seems to be in.

Perhaps they’re always studying hard in the library (or making the most out of the amazing deals at Wetherspoons). Either way, it will make you wonder why they continue to pay rent.

The Food Thief

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If, after a few days in halls, you begin to find yourself wondering where that dent in the butter came from, why your brand-new bottle of milk is open, or why your six-pack of eggs suddenly seems to be a family of four, there really is only one answer: you have a food thief.

They’re quick, cunning and rarely get caught, but you can deal with this flatmate in one of two ways:

1) take the sensible option, and keep non-perishables in your room to avoid their theft.

2) Get your own back and start replacing your nick-able food with dodgy alternatives (e.g. salt in the sugar pot)

The Mother-figure

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Not all flats are blessed with angels such as these, so the ones who are should count themselves lucky.

This flatmate is consistently reliable and always well-prepared. Need a plaster? They’ll have one. Don’t know how to work the hob? They’ll show you. Forgot to take the bins out? They’ll have done it.

Whatever happens, these people are your new family, so treat them accordingly and you’ll make friends for life. If you need any further help with settling in, click here for more guidance.


Feature image credit to Channel 4’s show Fresh Meat.

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