What to expect from Freshers Fayre

Freshers Fayre is not only a chance to get your hands on some free stuff, you also get to check out all the societies and sports clubs CCSU has to offer.

Below are some of the things you can expect from Freshers Fayre, which might help you prepare for the mayhem.

People everywhere

Expect there to be 1000’s of freshers as well as returning students all trying to get their hands on some free stuff.


Dominoes usually have a stand at Freshers Fayre giving out slices of pizza to everyone.

Tip: Tell them you’re getting a slice for your friend as well and they should give you more.

Free stuff

Meal vouchers, bottle openers, keyrings , fridge magnets, sweets, prizes and loads more, but don’t be that fresher that takes 15 of the same keyring and chucks them in the bin outside the library.

Email address please

Expect to sign your email address up to about 300 different clubs and societies just to go through and unsubscribe two weeks later.

Something for everyone

There are so many societies and sports clubs you’re bound to find something you’re interested in, whether you have experience in it or not.

Leaflets leaflets leaflets

You’ll get a bag to put all your freebies, leaflets and business cards in, which will probably get chucked under your bed until the end of the year, then it will get thrown in the recycling bin anyway.


After visiting the fayre you’ll either need a nap or a drink so expect spoons to be full of students.


All Gifs sourced from Giphy or Google.

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