TITAN: A poem for Black History Month

By Temitopeopenko Junior


They fought for my people, they died for my people
as a black man I can simply say shout out to those moguls,
to the Luther, the x, the parks,
to the good great the ones who fought for our sake making sure we don’t lack,
but it’s still a struggle we facing and fighting,
but we seen stormzy do it but now it’s titan,
black is beautiful this is my recitle,
I say to myself everytime I see my people,
but it’s not the look I get back,
a frown on their face like they just heard a click clack,
why why why, why do we think do this,
we scream black lives matter but to ourselves we killing and taking the piss,
like we haven’t been shat up on enough,
instead of bumping fist to every blacks and saying good luck,
we wanna juke and splatter brain like melon,
fix up its not over till the big lady kicks me out the salon,
for saying our genes are dominant and royalty,
for chasing black queens and facing reality,
they tried slavery failed,
tried segregation failed,
tried racism still failing,
so I’m here fighting sharks like I was whaling,
sailing in the pool of blood,
I mopped it up smiled and carried on,
I thank God for my immortality,
control your mind and it’s your reality.
Temitopeopenko is part of the African Carribean Society at CCCU.
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Sean McPolin

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