Introducing… CoppaFeel! Uni Boob Team

Get to know your university’s brand new Uni Boob Team.

Hi everyone! My name is Elise, and I am the founder and leader of CCCU’s very own Uni Boob Team! “What on earth is a Uni Boob Team?” I hear you cry, and I’m glad you asked…

As a student, you may often find yourself day-dreaming about what you’ll get up to in the next few years: you’ll finally finish studying, start working, travelling, meeting amazing people and experiencing incredible things, the world will truly be your oyster. So, you wouldn’t want anything to stand in the way of your newfound freedom, would you? Particularly a diagnosis of late stage breast cancer…

That’s exactly what happened to Kris Hallenga in 2009, who sought medical attention after discovering a lump in her breast and was dismissed on the grounds of it being hormonal due to her young age. After a six-month stint of travelling in Thailand, Kris’ symptoms still persisted, leaving her little choice but to return to the doctors yet again. But surely there was nothing to worry about.

Because breast cancer only affects older women, doesn’t it? Wrong. This is a common misconception of breast cancer; that it only affects women aged 60 plus, which is unfortunately not the case.

Each year in the UK alone, around 5000 women aged below 45 are diagnosed with breast cancer, with one in eight women in the UK being affected by the disease in her lifetime, which Kris learnt after a frustrating two-month battle to find out what exactly was going on with her breast. The answer? Stage 4 breast cancer, which by then had spread to her spine.

For most people, a diagnosis such as this would be enough to make you all but give up. But not Kris. After an intensive few months of chemo and radiotherapy, Kris took her initial shock and anger and turned it into fuel, making it her mission to encourage young people everywhere to make the most of their youthful, carefree life by getting to know their boobs, as well as recognising that breast cancer is a non-discriminate disease that can affect anybody at any stage of life.

And so… CoppaFeel! was born. It was then, and still is, the first organisation of its kind, being the only breast cancer charity in the UK aimed purely at educating young people about the importance of being breast aware, and that’s where we come in…

Here at the CCCU UBT, we exist to inform and remind CCCU students about the importance of checking their boobs and familiarising themselves with the signs and symptoms of breast cancer.

We follow in the (fabulous) footsteps of CoppaFeel! by taking an incredibly important, life-saving message and spreading it far and wide in the most fun and light-hearted way possible. How do we do this? Through hosting events such as Glitter Parties and Boob Brunches, holding bake sales and Boob Ball matches, and most importantly- marching around campus wearing a giant boob suit.

We exist solely to spread the CoppaFeel! message of “Boob Love” to the young people of Canterbury by raising awareness and vital funds for this exceptional organisation, and we hope you will support us along the way.

You can do your bit by keeping an eye out for us around campus; whether we’re distributing leaflets, hijacking the gym showers or flogging boob-shaped cupcakes, stop by and have a chat (we promise to teach you all we know about the art of boob love).

You can also keep up to date with us and our future events by connecting with us on social media, just search for “CCCU Uni Boob Team” on Facebook, and get following @cccuniboobteam on Instagram and Twitter. For even more boobie-points, don’t forget to sign up to CoppaFeel!’s free monthly text service, sending you a little reminder to give yourself a check, using our unique code: Text “UBT CCCU“ to “70500“

See you on campus, Boob Lovers. Xx






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