Review: It’s a double thumbs down for KFC’s Double Down burger

After years of speculation, customer queries and excitement, KFC’s Double Down burger was released in the UK.

The burger is made up of two chicken fillets as the burger buns… THE BURGER BUNS ARE CHICKEN.

It looks great in the advert, and as a lifelong KFC lover I was beyond excited when it was announed the Double Down would be at my local KFC from October 9th.

What could be wrong with it? Apparently, quite a lot.


The advert looked great – two big bits of fried chicken with some crispy bacon and cheese. What more could you ask for?

But, like most things advertsied, it was disappointing. The chicken was oily and smaller than expected and the cheese looked like Tesco value cheese that was dumped on top.

Rating: 2/5


As far as the mechanics of this burger go, it just doesn’t work. Everything about it is wrong. It’d be amazing if it worked well, if the two pieces of chicken were a perfect alternative to buns, but they’re not.

The chicken is hot, so it’s hard to hold. The skin breaks off easily and that’s just a huge mess. There’s too much cheese that there’s enough leftovers for another meal.

Rating: 1/5


The one positive of the burger, and it’s a tiny positive, is the taste. KFC’s chicken is second to none, but their bacon was mediocre and the cheese was just plain terrible.

The Double Down was two bits of dry chicken away from being a fat old 0/5.

Rating: 3/5


Overall, the burger was a MASSIVE let down. I wouldn’t waste your time getting it as you could easily make your own version by getting the ingredients at your local supermarket.

The mechanics of the burger were terrible, it didn’t look to appealing, and in the end it was KFC’s orginal chicken that saved the day.

Extremely underwhelming.

Rating:  2/5

What others thought

James Hind, Editor-in-chief:

“Too hot to hold and very greasy, and to be honest its just a hunters chicken without the skillet.

“It’s more of a snack than a proper meal, not very big at all. Overall I would say it was a let down but I think it’s worth a try.”

Sonny Snelling, Sports Editor:

“Not as good as I thought it was going to be, very small and at £5.99 not as good as some of the other food in there.

“I Don’t understand the hype. Too hot to hold needed a knife and fork, really greasy and the bun was probably a big miss to be honest.”

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