REVIEW: Dreamland’s ‘terrifying’ award winning Screamland is back for 2017

Margate’s Dreamland has yet again been transformed into its award winning Halloween event ‘Screamland’, which is back for 2017 with more fear factor than ever.

The new and improved scare festival opens for its first official night on Friday 20th October for six nights of fear.

Our team at Unified were lucky enough to attend the preview night of Screamland on Friday 13th and it really was scarier than we had all anticipated. The night consisted of unlimited rides as well as the six scare mazes, these being: The Brotherhood, The Legend of Crank Jack, The Final Cut Presents, Dead and Breakfast, Punchinello’s Revenge and Festino’s Festival of Freaks.

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A variety of food stalls, arcade games, scare mazes, rides and rollercoasters provided endless fun and fright for everyone. This includes the fainthearted.

Having been to fright nights in the past myself at bigger, well known theme parks such as Thorpe Park and Alton Towers, I can honestly say that they do not match the Screamland experience. The evening exceeded all expectations and had all of our hearts racing, especially after making it out of Dead and Breakfast, the maze that certainly frightened us the most.

Unified writer Jade Evans said: ‘’I left Screamland absolutely terrified. I was expecting it to be scary but not THAT scary. In one of the mazes I was backed in to the corner and didn’t think I could continue.

“You get caught up in this bubble and forget that it’s not real. It was an amazing evening though and we all had a really great time and a good laugh.’’

Live music on stage at Screamland.

Editor-in-chief James Hind added: ‘’I think the park looked amazing and the money that’s gone into it is definitely noticeable. My favourite part of Screamland was the mazes; the actors are all really scary but also helped us through when we got a bit lost.

“To people who are in two minds about going I would say you’re missing out if you don’t. Not only do you have the mazes but the rides are all really fun and the food is much better than you would expect.

“This is the first time I’ve been in a scare maze and I will be back next year for sure.”

Screamland at Dreamland in Margate.

With more than 60 scarers roaming Screamland’s grounds and mazes which make visitors crawl and wear hoods, the amusement park will be sure to provide a thrill this halloween.

Tickets start from £8 for ‘little kids’ and £10 for ‘big kids’ for unlimited use of rides. A standard Screamland ticket for unlimited use of rides and access to the six mazes is priced at £18, with the park opening from 6pm to 11pm every night throughout the week.

For more information on purchasing tickets and available dates this halloween visit the Dreamland website.

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