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The Snowman – an episode in fiasco

Unified’s Francis gives us the low down on the latest thriller to hit cinemas. 

The Story

In an adaptation of Jo Nesbø’s book, Fassbender stars as Harry Hole, who is tasked with investigating the disappearance of a civilian during a cold winter. He fears that a seasoned killer called, The Snowman, is on the loose again. With the help of a new recruit from the policing academy, he sets out on cracking this case.

Performances and Soundtrack

For someone whose acting I usually love, Fassbender was terrible in this film. The actors in smaller roles eclipsed him in more ways than one, and it was just shocking. He lacked the presence that a main role is supposed to possess. Could this be the end of Fassbender’s reign? Is he losing his thunder?

Another gripe I had with this movie is that all of the actors were speaking in British accents, when the film is set in Norway. I understand that the adaptation they were working on was from an English translation of the original Norwegian book, but would it have killed the actors to learn how to speak in the local Norwegian accents?

One of the few positives of the film was the sparse use of music. I think that was done tastefully. It didn’t overpower the actors; it was just there in the background, which I liked. Films now usually have loud, grand soundtracks that play through the majority of a film. It was nice to hear something new for a change.

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All in all, I don’t think this movie is worth watching and it probably won’t be remembered in a couple of months. As someone who recently got into reading the Harry Hole series, I assumed that this adaptation would be amazing because Nesbø is a phenomenal writer. Boy was I wrong.

P.S. Michael Fassbender if you’re reading this, I was so disappointed in your performance.

Please perform with the brooding intensity that you’re famous for next time.

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