The Remake Series: Return of the 1990s

This year, more than ten 1990s classics will be returning to the UK cinema after the hit opening weekend from Stephen King’s IT. 

With the remake of Stephen King’s ‘It’ making a worldwide estimate of $189,400,000 in it’s opening weekend, it is evident that remaking popular favourites can mean big bucks at the box office. But in 2017, 10 more 1990s feature films have been confirmed to make a comeback, across multiple genres including horror, sci fi and romantic comedies.

Whilst we are excited for upcoming modern features such as Happy Death Day and Geostorm, there
is nothing like the anticipation of an old classic coming back to life. As we seem to have passed the
phase of remaking popular fiction, we continue to adore the classics that most of us grew up with.

Flatliners – 1990 to now.

With big names including Ellen Page (aka Juno) and Nina Dobrev (aka Elena from Vampire Diaries), the new Flatliners remake hits cinemas this September. Kiefer Sutherland (most famous for 24) featured as a student in the original, makes a reappearance as a Dr in the 2017 remake.

The plot delves into the depths of near-death experiences with 5 medical students pushing the
boundaries of science to kill themselves and bring themselves back to life. After the initial thrill of
success, the group are followed by nightmares of their crimes, dark experiences or cruel unforgiving
visions that take a physical toll on them. The students must put themselves in further danger to
relieve themselves from the pasts that haunt them.

Whilst we know that remakes are most commonly known for their profit-making, they often reflect
differences in societal progress. We could question here whether the cruel dreams which in the 90s,
included bullying, stalking and filming sexual experiences, will adapt to 21 st century fears. We also
hope to see technological and scientific development, reflective of the past 27 years.

Jumanji- 1995 to now.

Possibly inspired by the recent death of the late Robin Williams, the mystical world of Jumanji is
once again coming back to our screens with an all new cast including Dwayne Johnson, Kevin Hart,
Jack Black and Karen Gillan. With the original feature’s plot focusing around a man trapped within an old board game, the newest release, set to air at Christmas this year, centres an old video game
console, bringing the old to the new. It is also worth wondering how directors will manage the Hart-
Johnson height difference.


I Know What You Did Last Summer; The Cube: 1997 to now.

On the horror hype, these two 90s classics of a murderous cube and all knowing stalker, are also
being remade within the next year. The Cube, renamed as Cubed, is being rerun by Lionsgate and
horror producer Roy Lee (Rings, Bates Motel). Loved for its low-budget concept, the Cube franchise
featured cube shaped rooms, set up with traps that were ready to kill.

The IKWYDLS remake has been in the works since 2014 but Oculus director Mike Flanagan has finally began confirming stars. Josh Scott Bentley is the only actor confirmed so far with rumours of the lead girl as Lucy Hale, Victoria Justice or even Selena Gomez. After three years of waiting, we aren’t holding our breath, but the remake does seem to be slowly but surely moving.

She’s all that- 1999 to now.

Following on the Freddie Prinze Jr. hype from IKWYDLS, one of our favourite RomComs She’s All That is said to be hitting our box office soon. Based on a Pygmalion, nerdy girl becomes pretty and the jock falls for her plot line, we are seriously hoping that the remake brings more than pure vanity to our screens.

Others in the mix.

Whilst the above is enough to keep us waiting for a while, others in the mix include sci-fi classics
Men in Black (1997) and The Matrix (1999) and original classic The Craft (1996) bringing cult magic
back. Said to be returning with a new female director, The Craft brings forward a primarily female
cast and drops them into a 21 st century world.

If you haven’t seen the most recently released It, watch a sneak peek below…

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