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Top 5 Moments in Bioshock

Calum Elliott takes us back through the first game in the immensely popular series, to highlight some of his favourite moments.

Bioshock is incredible. Gameplay, story, art style. It shone brightly in every area. But it’s the big moments permeating the journey through Rapture that made the experience stick with us, solidifying it as a stone-cold classic for the past 10 years. Let’s take a trip back to the neon madness of Bioshock.

1. The Opening

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Crash landing into the Atlantic next to a looming lighthouse is a nicely mysterious way to kick things off. This introduction is incredibly elegant. It perfectly paces itself as a tense and absorbing experience. Plunging into the depths, listening to Ryan explain this underwater city of his and then seeing it beautifully revealed is an unforgettable moment in all of gaming.

 2. First Plasmid

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After you’ve entered the apparently not-so-utopian Rapture, you come across your first plasmid. You’ve seen these super powers advertised all over the place and now it’s your turn to see what their all about. Unfortunately, this means stabbing yourself in the wrist with a terrifying syringe. Your controller shakes like it’s going through an earthquake in an experience so overwhelming that your character has literally no other choice but to throw himself off of a balcony. Good stuff.

3. Atlas’s Family

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The lovely Irish man that’s been guiding you around the place says his family is trapped inside a bathysphere, you are about to help retrieve them but Ryan sinks the sphere! Nooooo, Moira! How could you do this Mr Ryan!? I’m gonna kill you for what you’ve done to this sweet, sweet man!

4. Killing Ryan

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Ryan always came across as big headed. This did him no favours as you easily found your target whacking his head in with a golf club. Despite having never played golf before (speculation) you’re able to wield the club with superb skill. Putting down the evil man. But was he the real villain here? Oh no… It turns out atlas wasn’t Irish at all. He was an Italian gangster, controlling your brain the whole time to take control of the city. *facepalm*

5. Fort Frolic

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Before all that we took a stop at Fort frolic. (Whoever said this had to be in chronological order? It’s my article and I’ll do what I like, alright ‘mate’?) This area is the artistic heart of rapture. The eccentric Sander Cohen is the main man here. An insane but loveable master artist. You help him with his final masterpiece involving frozen bodies and photographs of dead people. Fun fun fun!

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Watch the original trailer from 11 years ago here!

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