CCCU Students give back to Canterbury community by litter picking

Christ Church students spent their Sunday morning cleaning up the streets of Canterbury with the reward of Dominos pizza at the end.

President of Student Activities, Nick Beard, organized the ‘Community Regeneration Project’.

Nick said: “I thought it would be a great idea for our students to get involved as we get such bad press from the community normally.”

Canterbury resident, Graham Woods, invited all the volunteers for a cuppa as a thank you for their hard work.

CCCU Men’s Cricket member, Jamie Harris, volunteered to give back to the community.

He said: “I wanted to show how important it is to represent Christ Church in the community due to the massive impact students have on the city during University term time. By doing something like this, it shows how much you care about the city.”

This is such a simple thing to do help give back and is something that always needs doing. – Jamie Harris

Free Dominos pizza (courtesy of Club Chemistry) were given to volunteers at the end of the day.

Nick said: “I knew that the best way to get students motivated is to offer them free pizza.”

Helpers were amused at what they discovered during their litter picking session.

Student Charlotte Durtnall said that the weirdest thing she picked up was a chicken nugget with one bite taken out of it.

Jamie Harris was ‘amazed at the amount of McDonald cups that we found during our clean.’

The event took place on November 5. Nick Beard plans to paint the walls of the path they cleared this coming Spring.

If you wish to get involved for the next project, please contact Nick Beard via

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