An Interview with Nizlopi’s Luke Concannon

Unified’s Anna Woodfield had an exclusive chat with Luke Concannon about being one half of ‘Nizlopi’ and his brand new album.

Q :How did Nizlopi start? 

A: What it was, was me and John, the other half of the band, we met on the school bus. I was in a band, there was a gig coming up, we had 2 weeks to get ready for the gig but the band split up because the boys didn’t like the fact that I bought a female singer into the band, sexist 13 year olds! We had 2 weeks to form a new band, so yeah, we’ve been friends for a long time. Childhood friends!

Q: Why is the JCB song so memorable?

A: It was like a runaway hit, it was played everywhere. I think those are enjoyable and it’s quite honest, I think that those things stick!

Q: Is there anything you want to achieve in your own music- in your solo songs? 

A: Yeah, I really wanna engage with a lot of people and I wanna be engage with the world by building communities and learning from that. For example, on my first album ‘Give it all’ there’s a song called ‘I wanna be free’ about my Nan.

I was visiting her every day and, there was something about really trying to listen to her and understand her, so I wanted to write a song that can then touch other people. I wanna live that sort of life, I want to listen to people, understand them and share, learn and share, get inspired and share and just keep doing that.

CREDIT: Anna Woodfield Photography

Q: What is the new single about?

A: The new single really is about the kind of sadness that we feel now in the world. There’s a lot of heartbreak, people are very confused, there’s terrorism and so many extreme weather events and nuclear events and, I’m trying to put myself in the shoes of the poorest people in the world. People who might be living in Somalia, people might be living in Sudan or Qatar and when I do that, I get a sense of life. There’s a lot of anger and heartbreak in those places.

If I was them, I’d be saying, “Stop all this stuff!”

The wars that we had in Iraq, Afghanistan, Libya; they wanna see the powerful countries, the rich countries, stopping that stuff, stopping the economics that resulted in starving when there’s enough food in the world that we can afford. Then, joining the liberation, building communities, learning together.

Q: What was the writing process with the single? 

A: I moved to America but it takes a lot of work to get the Visa. So, I lived in Canada until my American Visa was sorted, I was staying in a little cabin in the woods in Canada. I would get up and try to write songs next to this big lake.

Q: Where can fans buy the single?

A: You can buy it here. Everything is on my site and on Spotify.

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