Remembering the time I interviewed Parkway Drive

On the April 6, 2017 I found out I was going to be interviewing heavy metal band Parkway Drive.

The day of the gig finally came round and the fact I was getting to interview the band was just the icing on the cake. I got the train from Folkestone to Brixton, which was a very long and hectic journey but it was all so worth it as I eventually got to interview them.

I could definitely say I was very nervous but more excited than anything. Finally, after around half an hour, myself and a few others got let in to the VIP entrance of the o2 academy. We had to walk up a lot of stairs to get to the top floor, but we were greeted and taken to where we needed to go by one of their crew members, which was pretty great.

We had to write our names down on a piece of paper and hold it up in front of us so that the photographer could take a picture of us, then he knew who we were when they published the magazine. It was amazing meeting someone who takes part in creating the magazine that I’ve been reading for years.

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We all sat down and got cosy with complimentary donuts then a few seconds later the band came out. I had Jia O’Connor sitting next to be who plays the bass guitar in the band.

We all had to ask one question that we had to think of beforehand. I asked the question of ”what is your favourite thing about touring in the UK?” I felt like this was an informative question to ask considering they’re from Australia, there’d be a lot of differences to what would go on here.

Winston replied with: ”Marks & Spencer, salads and scones.”

Jeff said: ”There’s no animals over here that could potentially kill you.”

Winston: “Yeah, when you’re sleeping on the ground there’s no snakes or spiders that can kill you.

“That really mattered when we first got here.”

After the questions had all finished up we had a little chat about more upcoming tours but they did have to rush of as they had to set up and practise for their show a few hours later.

We got to take a few photographs, I got one with Winston (singer) and Jia (bass) which made me very happy. As well as the photographer that was taking a few photos of us all for the magazine. Once we’d all finished up we got escorted out the room to go and que up for the concert that was taking place at 7pm.

It was around a 2 hour wait till we got let in to the venue, but after such a fantastic experience, I was totally fine with it.

I was so lucky to have the chance to take part in the whole experience. The concert’s main event was Parkway Drive and their support acts were Asking Alexandria and Stick to your Guns.

The concert was absolutely insane, one of the best ones I’ve been too and to top it all off a few weeks later I was out in Kerrang magazine. It was an experience I’ll never forget and it was in a way experience for my future career as I want to be a music journalist.

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