Free The Nipple: A Week Without a Bra #UnifiedFem

UnifiedFem’s Rebecca Usher ditches the bra for a week to see how others react. But more importantly, as a lesson to love herself first.

Society has led us to believe that these booby holders are a necessity in a female’s outfit. It’s a natural thought that when we see breasts, that they should be held in an uncomfortable and itchy, sometimes ugly looking bra.

We ultimately assume they should be covered. That’s for several reasons; modesty, to not draw attention to yourself and to avoid sexual comments from others. Socialisation at its finest. Does anyone remember that first bra shopping trip with your mum at 13? Awkward.

First of all, I have little confidence.

I have average, uneven boobs and can never find the perfect bra. Personally, I find them uncomfortable. They offer little to no support either. So, I decided to stop wearing them, it’s also less effort and I am all for that.

Heading out on a lazy day, without an essential part of my outfit. I instantly felt many eyes burning through me. (Not my face, but my chest)

Men, women, children, anyone and everyone.

“I was hit with anxiety and paranoia.”

To be honest, I am sure many didn’t look, but it certainly felt like I was being stared at from all around. I was hit with anxiety and paranoia because I felt alien to other people. We mainly notice things that stands out, or what is unusual to what we see every day. And this was it.

There are some awkward stares, looks, and a variety of comments; complementing them or being outraged that I don’t have a bra on. As I stated I have little confidence. But over the past few months, I have come to accept myself, especially the way I look. 

“Eventually, I started to like myself, including my breasts.”

Hey, I didn’t mind the odd look. But, the surprised faces, the whispers and pointing was just not necessary.

I have not forgotten to put on a bra, nor am I doing it for attention. I am doing it because don’t want to wear one.

Although I am not conforming to societies ideals of how a female should dress, I honestly do not care about other people’s opinions on my dress-code. I am happy with them and don’t feel the need to spend money on something I don’t like or want. They are not hanging out of my clothing or leaving ‘nothing to the imagination’. My boobs are fully covered just without an extra layer.

“I have come to accept myself, especially the way I look.”

The majority of other people of all ages, mostly teens and young adults worry about their appearance. As well as meeting society’s standards of how to look and act. I have heard many people talk about wanting a nose job, botox, breast enlargement and tummy tuck etc. We need to learn to be happy with ourselves and the way we look.

We are all different and offer our own quirks, why lose that through an operation? 

I am completely stunned at how people reacted to this minor act. As if they had big red flashing arrows pointing to them. It still happens everywhere I go. I don’t want people to think ‘Oh my god! She’s not wearing a bra! How can she do that?!’ or ‘Look at that girl without a bra!’ or even proceed to make a sexual comment.

I’ll dress how I want to, bra on or off.

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