The Wipeout Zone: are you fit enough?

With no traffic and the warm weather upon us (the latter being a true rarity in terms of British
weather), Unified went down to Crawley to try out The Wipeout Zone.

Music via Argofox YouTube

After watching a few people try out the first obstacle that I endeavoured to complete (The Big Shiny
Balls), I realised that this was going to be a lot more difficult than I thought and it was. It also looked
deceptively easy online.

Allowing my Unified colleagues to go first before me (as I’m a gentleman), I managed to flop my way through the first obstacle. Meaning that my attempt was not majestic in the slightest, and I pretty much fell onto some of the Balls, but I used my sloppiness to complete the obstacle.

The giant slide

Some obstacles such as the first could be completed individually, however there were some that could be done by a plethora of people at once. One example included The shiny logs which we all attempted as an ensemble. It started off relatively hard, then progressed to be very hard due to the speed.

Our Editor-in- chief managed to complete all the obstacles multiple times within milliseconds of each other. Even throwing a few celebratory backflips, to accommodate his wins.

All in all, it was a fun day out. With unbeatable cheap prices all round. What more did anyone want? I hope you make your way down to The Wipeout Zone one day. You will not regret it. If you tell them that you know Francis you’ll get in for free.

Just kidding.

Visit The Wipeout Zone’s Facebook page for more information and to book your slot.

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