Game Society Review: Why you should wait to buy the new COD

With Christmas approching, CCCU’s own game society put the new Call of Duty WW2 to the test to see if it’s worth buying now or waiting till the New Year. 

Another year, another Call of Duty (COD) and while some view this year’s usual new release into the franchise as Activison’s continuing quest of beating a dead horse full of money.

People are on the fence about whether this one is any good.

The game like usual COD games is spilt into three main parts that are; The Campaign, Nazi Zombies and Multiplayer.


The Campaign

Set in the European tduring WWII from the perspective of an American squad in the 1st Infantry Division, is the least interesting part of the game. It’s oddly refreshing to be back in the Second World War. As amusing as it was to see Jon Snow in space during last year’s COD.

It wasn’t enough to carry a game; this setting lets the developers, Sledgehammer Games, touch on a number of historical elements from WWII, such as, D-day and the Holocaust. Yet the game suffers from a lack of an interesting narrative and any truly memorable moments, especially compared to previous entries into the franchise like COD4 and Black Ops. Other than a brutal historical setting and a few action set pieces, there isn’t a whole lot to hold one’s interest.

The opening mission of the game is one of the best and high budget recreations of D-day.

Overall, it isn’t memorable and is quite short.

It’s like Band of Brothers meets Saving Private Ryan.

This year’s game centres around an American solider during D-Day

Nazi Zombies

This which is easily the most fun part of the game, where you’re gonna get your money’s worth. The goal is the same: survive as long as you can while using points to unlock power ups.

Most importantly, you play as a character voiced by David Tennant, hearing the Tenth doctor (with his Scottish accent) screaming at zombies is hilarious.

The map for this game is huge and playing this co-op with friends is a great way to spend an evening. Don’t play this game with historical accuracy in mind as it isn’t authentic to the time and I am a history student.

The Nazi Zombie mode is one of the best parts of the COD series


As for the game-play, it’s usual COD MP affair, but boots on the ground this time, double jumps and wall running have been removed and there are a series of division based abilities for your custom classes that level up the more you play, It works quite well.

Finally, the MP has had a change up this year, there’s a social hub for players called ‘The Headquarters’ where you run around as a custom soldier on the beaches of Normandy, getting contract objectives, customising emblems, as well as, a mode called war focusing on team based cooperation to take on a series of objectives with teams divided into the Allies and Axis powers.

COD is played worldwide by over 100 million people.

Overall, the maps are okay, the story is okay and the game itself is okay. I’d say worth a purchase, but wait for a sale.

COD WW2 came out on November 3, and is available at all good shops.

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