Travelling before starting at CCCU – part 1

My name is Gaby Wilde and I decided that before I start university at Christ Church I wanted to see the world and go travelling. This is my first blog as I set off on a worldwide adventure. 

Travelling’ is an open ended word. You could be going from your tiny home in a small village to a massive city and it would still be an incredible and thrilling adventure for you. I have taken a gap year to go ‘travelling’ to Los Angeles, New Zealand, Australia and Japan along with my boyfriend, Adam.

I’m travelling for the next 6 months and I haven’t done this in order to ‘find myself’ I made the decision to do this because the different cultural aspects of each individual country interests me. Therefore throughout this monthly article I’m going to be focusing mainly on the cultural similarities and differences between each country and England and share just a few of my favourite experiences from each country.

We arrived in America on November 1 all set to start out in Los Angeles – we weren’t disappointed. Our hostel (Banana Bungalow) was right on Hollywood boulevard and had such a chilled and relaxed vibe to it.

The first day we set off on a hike to the Hollywood sign, even though American people are always happy to help (especially if you have an English accent) we got incredibly lost. Just as we were about to give up hope and see if we could find our way back, a path bought us out at the most beautiful reservoir with views of the Hollywood sign.

This brings me to the first cultural difference between England and America. The sizes of the portions of food, just like all the buildings, the music and the film industry, they are massive. America doesn’t do anything by little.

I figured this out when we ended up having a spontaneous weekend in Vegas, the huge building covered in glamorous lights looming over you making you feel small and insignificant in comparison to the rest of the city.

The second cultural difference that has to be mentioned is Americas relaxed policy towards guns. There are gun shops everywhere, although in Los Angeles it a significantly smaller amount, other states I visited such as Arizona and Nevada almost promote them.

One day we got chatting to the uber driver and at first he seemed very nice and he was easy to talk to. He then started complaining about people who don’t treat his car with respect.

He told us how one customer took his shoes off and refused to put them back on when asked. He said then he pulled his gun out and he soon put his shoes back on, the uber driver said laughing. I asked if everyone carries a gun around here to which he replied “oh yeah I’m packing one now.”

A huge part of Los Angeles culture is the music industry. Whilst travelling throughout Los Angeles I managed to get an interview with Jack Oliver, ex president of apple records who managed artists such as The Beatles and Nicholas Cage.

What made you move to Los Angeles?

I moved to LA because, prior to that I was President of “The Beatles” record label “Apple in London. When the Beatles broke up I looked around and weighed my options. Peter Asher offered me a job in LA so I decided to move to La and I was the Vice President of his company.

What do you miss most about England?

I miss the history and the culture.

Other than the Beatles what other artists were you involved with the management of?

When I moved to the US I was involved in the management of James Taylor, Linda Ronstadt, Cat Stevens, Barbra Streisand and quite a few others.

What’s your favourite thing about living in California?

It has to be the weather, it’s hot all year round.

What’s your favourite spot in California?

The ocean.

Have you got any other projects running that we should know about?

Im currently writing and producing. I have several projects in active development, including: a documentary celebrating the Beatles company Apple; a Sixties era romantic comedy script and my first autobiographical novel.

Follow my Instagram travel account for more updates on my travels and location @gabyandadamtravels

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