Weekly Fashion: Outfit of the Week

This week’s task was to find out who has the best outfit on campus, as we found out what CCCU student stood out the most. 

With Black Friday and Cyber Monday out the way, we looked at CCCU students to see who had the best complete outfit and it wasn’t an easy choice.

With retail sales helping students update their wardrobe, we wanted to see who looked the most fashionable.

The best outfit for this week goes to a 2nd year Music student who would like to remind anonymous.

He was wearing red bottoms with a leather jacket which is quite unusual but the fitting worked very well. He also had Vans on with a flame pattern.

2nd Year CCCU Music Student’s Outfit

Although it was a tough choice this student was given outfit of the week because he made an outfit that shouldn’t work, work.

As we were so shocked, we wanted to find out why he felt so brave to put together an outfit that could be questionable.

He said: “I just wanted to try something different because you don’t really see people wearing a leather jacket with tracksuit bottoms.

“It’s always like a hoodie with the bottom or sweatshirt or just a t-shirt.

“So I wanted to try something that seemed like it wouldn’t work and I was pleased that I experimented because I want to explore different trends in fashion.”

The idea is to be as creative as you can and try to put together an outfit that you think could be different from what people normally wear.

The jacket was bought from Only and Sons for £50.

The trousers were bought from Boohooman for £15 which are currently on sale.

The top was bought from Topman for £22.

The shoes were branded Vans and were bought from Schuh for £57.

Make sure to read next weeks article as we search to find our bag of the week. Could it be yours?

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