Americans are happier at work than Britons, new research shows

American adults are more likely to be always happy at work than Britons, a new study reveals.

The study by recruitment firm Jobbio found 32% of Americans adults were always happy at their job, compared to 23% of Brits.

This is despite US workers on average working longer hours and receiving fewer holidays.

Jobbio CEO Stephen Quinn said “It seems illogical that US employees are so much happier than UK workforce given they work longer hours and have shorter holidays.

“What is also intriguing is that even though US talent have less holiday, they use up less of their allowance too, whilst not being as concerned about their work-life balance when compared to UK talent.”

The data showed that the majority workers from both countries agree a good work-life balance was essential for a happy workplace, with 61% British and 59% of American workers believing so.

The study also found that 41% of Brits and 37% of Americans think technology will make their job obsolete within 10 years.

Stephen Quinn, CEO of Jobbio continued: “It’s interesting to learn how much we think the rise of technology will influence our careers in the future and by how much, as well as what it is that brings us down when at work.”

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