The Darkest Hour – Proud to be British

Prepare to see Gary Oldman in a role like no other as he takes on British icon Sir Winchester Churchill in ‘The Darkest Hour’.

The film follows Churchill days after former Prime Minister Neville Chamberlains resignation during a time of war and turmoil.

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Gary Oldman (Dark Knight, Harry Potter) is unrecognisable in his role as the famous Prime Minister with some impressive special effects make-up.

The cinematography of wartime Britain was clean cut and the costumes, vehicles and props set the scene.

A man who I already saw as one of my heroes and knew a lot about, I admired even more after this. The pressure he was under was known, but the way he was misunderstood and nearly stabbed in the back was shocking.

Gary Oldman as Churchill.

The film is definitely up there with one of the greatest war time thrillers.

Surprisingly the month of January which is usually known as the month where the less successful films are shown has not only produce this, but the Greatest Showman.

It is hard to find fault with this spectacle as it could have followed Churchill through the rest of the War and been a TV series. But the main area of Dunkirk and the turn around of the war was great to see and the way he stuck to his guns.

The great man himself Sir Winston Churchill.

The relationship between Churchill and his typist Elizabeth Layton (Lily James, Cinderella) was one that put the audience in her shoes as she got to know the man and the way he thought.

This film symbolised what it means to be British as it showed determination, grit and guts to dare to stand by what could be best for a nation.

A Prime Minster like Churchill is one who would be useful in modern times.

The Darkest Hour is in cinemas now.

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