5 Most Memorable Fashion Collaborations To Stand Out At Uni

Fashion designers have the best collections throughout year, but can the same be said when they collaborate with other brands?

It’s always exciting to see what two brands are creating and whether their style put together will make the collection look good.

If you’re trying to decide which collaborations suit your outfit for uni, read on.

Supreme x Louis Vuitton

Examples of Supreme X Louis Vuitton Collaboration

Supreme and Louis Vuitton came together in 2017 to release their long awaited collaboration. It was more than just two ideas coming together as both brands had a disagreement 2000.

With both logos put together, it united street wear with high end fashion as they released skateboards, brief cases and other clothes. It will defiantly get you noticed and make you stand out on campus.

Alexander Wang x Adidas


Logo of Alexander Wang X Adidas

Similar to Supreme and Louis Vuitton, Alexander Wang, a high end brand teamed up with sports wear Adidas.

Adidas are known for having many collaborations with designers like Y3, Raf Simons, Rick Owens and now Wang. Their line include clothing and footwear which can look cozy and stylish at the same time.

Their comfortable tracksuits are a casual look to wear at university. Alexander Wang is known for making luxurious clothing at a high price. With this collaboration, it has been made much affordable and very accessible.

The North Face x Supreme

Image of The North Face X Supreme Collaboration

The North Face and Supreme have had a long history of working together and making moments in fashion. Their collections will never die out and the older they get, the valuable they become.

It’s a great look to have, especially during the winter when you are walking to uni from your accommodation (believe me).

From their bags, to their most popular piece of clothing, which is their jackets, they are arguably one of the best collaborations.

Not only do you stand out, but it makes it easier to create an outfit especially if you are wearing their jacket. Makes it a lot easier when you are struggling to find what to wear to make your 9am lecture.

Off White x Nike

Off White X Nike Shoe Collection

With a promising year ahead, Virgil Abloh’s Off White was seen everywhere by some of the biggest celebrities including ASAP Rocky and rap artist Lil Uzi Vert.

One of the biggest releases were when they collaborated with Nike to release their “The Ten” shoe collection which sold out within a day.

It definitely left a mark in the last year and is still creating a lot of buzz. Not only is it a fashionable look to been worn in fashion exhibitions but it’s also something that stands out when worn to uni.

JW Anderson x Uniqlo

J W Anderson X Uniqlo Collaboration Logo

The High End fashion designer J W Anderson teamed up wth Japanese brand Uniqlo to release their latest collection from, shirts, trousers, scarfs and even bags.

The collaboration have produced high quality clothing at a considerable price that is far cheaper than what J W Anderson produces alone. The pieces could stand out when worn to class as it’s casual yet very fashionable and stylish.

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