Join the student and staff teaching conference tomorrow

Canterbury Christ Church is celebrating its exciting first ever student and staff Learning and Teaching conference.

The conference will take place in the Powell lecture theatre from 9am until 1:30pm on Thursday 25th January, featuring keynote speaker Professor Colin Bryson from Newcastle University.

It will involve a combination of presentations, round table discussions and interactive workshops, ending with a panel debate. The debate is set to tackle key questions and allow students to express what they think will improve their learning.

The panel is made up of a cross selection of students and staff including the president of the Student Union Krum Tashev and the director of learning and teaching, alongside a postgraduate and an undergraduate student.

Phil Mooney, Student engagement officer, said: “Christ Church has a long term commitment towards its staff and students.

“I’m really hoping we come across some quite challenging and controversial issues; I’m excited about the challenges.”

With an almost 50-50 split of students and staff expected all groups at the university should be well represented.

The mix between staff and students is set to be a fifty-fifty split with a good representation of everybody attending.

Mooney added: “I think the potential is there for great benefits on both sides. It’s very much one of those things where you get out what you put in.”

You can book your place online and to view a timetable of the day click here.

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