Just 5% of people surveyed think great sex is key to a great relationship

Research conducted by Happy Couple has found that great sex is NOT key to a great relationship and things like honest communication are more important.

Happy Couple is a couples quiz game to help people form closer relationships and get to know their other half better. They collated over 500,000 responses to questions about goals, resolutions and supporting each other to find what’s most important in a modern relationship.

When asked if they encourage their partners dreams 85% of people answered with ‘I’m his/her biggest fan’ and 50% of people said their partner supports them ‘by being a good listener’.

How is your partner supporting you?

  • 28% said by helping them get things done
  • 20% said by being a good problem solver
  • 2% said by covering expenses for them

Check out the full infographic below:


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