Marilyn Manson at Wembley – one of the best nights of my life

The concert I waited so long for finally came around and it didn’t disappoint.

The concert was at the SSE Wembley Arena and at around 5:30pm we got to queue up. It was such a great vibe from everyone and we all got on so well.

At 6:30pm we got let in, where we had our tickets scanned and we were searched over, when that was all over and done with, I went straight to the merch table and brought myself a bag. After spending 3 hours out in the freezing cold a Costa hot chocolate was in order, but I could tell it was all going to be worth the wait.


The concert started at 8pm where there was a support act till 8:30pm then Marilyn came on at 9pm. When I saw him, I screamed really loud to a point where I got a few looks from the crowd, but never mind I was in my element.

He sang a few of his classics and some from his new album. He looked incredible as always, he had a boot on as a few weeks back one of his gun props fell on him which caused him to break his leg, which meant he was ‘slightly crippled’ in his words. Even though he looked like he was in pain quite a lot, he still managed to give us all a brilliant performance.

As Marilyn started his song ‘Kill4Me’ he introduced his best friend Johnny Depp, which at that point everyone screamed. I was slightly shocked but it was amazing seeing him there as well and them performing together. The ‘bromance’ between them both was great and the talent they both shared made it a cracking performance.

Towards the end, as he was finishing up the confetti cannon exploded and the view of it was a big photo moment, he ended with ‘love you London, thank you!’ and all the lights switched off. A few people in each row started making their way out, but I did not want to as well as a few other people, because we felt like that was not the end even though usually confetti going off and a thank you means that it is.

Shortly after, he came back out with his makeup done and he began to sing a song that is one of my all-time favourites which made it such a special ending to such a very special day. The spotlight hit him and snow began to fall over him as he sang and the audience sang with him, it was a beautiful moment and the whole concert was one I’d never forget. Hands down one of the best nights of my life and one I’d be waiting for, for so long. Seeing my idol doing what he loves was a great moment for me and I hope I will be as lucky to see him again in the future.

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