What is the NSS and why should you bother filling it out?

The National Student Survey (NSS) for final year students went live last week and here’s why you should be filling it in.

The NSS is an independent survey that gives you the chance to express what you think has been good and what’s been bad about your higher eduction course.

Canterbury Christ Church University actively uses feedback from the survey to improve courses and life for future students at the university.

This could be anything from purchasing more books and online journals to improving mental health services.

Helen James, Senior Pro Vice-Chancellor said: “At Christ Church we are passionate about being partners in learning with our students. That is why your feedback is so valuable.

“By understanding what is important to you we can work together to build on our successes and improve our learning and teaching in a positive way. I would therefore urge all students to make sure you take part and help shape the future of your University.”

Click here to read more about how CCCU has used past feedback.

If shaping a better future for prospective students isn’t enough of an incentive to fill out the NSS (which only takes a few minutes and can be done on a smart phone) then there are plenty of other incentives.

  • An iPad is up for grabs

  • 5X £100 prize draws

  • Your school is also offering its own prize to the value of £250

Free print credit if you complete the survey by the end of February. Just show your confirmation email to the iZone either in person or over email to receive your free £10 credit.

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