Research finds the average cost of a student night out and it might surprise you

Pro Plus reveal the costs and components of a typical student night out.

Going out to clubs and bars is the highlight of some students time at university. But now research has been conducted to find out how much it costs and what makes the perfect student night out.

The study found that the average spend on a student night out is £28.84 (really?) and that men spend 13.5% more than women.

What makes up the ultimate student night out?

According to students the ultimate night out consists of:

  • 72% said attending pre drinks and 24% said with drinking games
  • 26% said Buying a new outfit
  • 22% said taking selfies throughout the night
  • 21% said wearing heels

When asked what could improve their night out students said:

  • 50% free entry
  • 47% free drinks
  • 35% fast food on the way home
  • 19% snogging someone
  • 4% partner not being present

Tips from Pro Plus on how to budget

  • Carry Cash – Only take cash on a night out and leave the bank card at home. An oldie, but a goodie, this tip will help you limit the amount you spend on a night out. It will also help you to budget throughout the night, ensuring to always save for the cab on the way home.


  • Ditch The Pricey Dates – Wining and dining can quickly eat away at your student bank balance. Instead of a costly meal out, why not opt for a quirky yet just as impressive alternative date idea. For students by the coast, a beach BBQ could seal the deal or, for city students, why not demonstrate your style by treating your love interest to a trip to a local vintage or food market.


  • Switch Up Your Caffeine Kick – Swap your pricey coffee caffeine fix for Pro Plus. Pro Plus is significantly cheaper than a calorie laden latte from the usual coffee houses of the high street, yet offers the caffeine equivalent to a strong cup of coffee, helping you to stay alert and focused and ready to boss beer pong – Like A Pro.


  • Embrace A Discount – Get yourself a discount card to maximise any student savings going. Big chain retailers are overflowing with savings to be had, especially student highstreet favourites such as Topshop and Topman. Another tip is to renew your rail and NUS cards in your final year, as both are valid for three years, allowing for two additional years of shopping and traveling.


  • Twilight Food Shop – Going food shopping in the evenings can help you pick up some delicious discounts. With supermarkets reducing the price of soon-to-be out of date food around 6pm, you could be dining on awesome steak and chips for the same price as a ready meal.


  • Furnish For Free – Freecycling is a students best friend for those wanting to add their own personal touch to their pad. There are many sites – Facebook, eBay and Gumtree – where you’ll find plenty of perfectly good furniture and appliances up for grabs, either for free or at low cost.

Source: Pro Plus OnePoll, survey of 2,000 students (men and women) in the UK

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