That’s the last straw – Club Chem to ditch plastic drinking straws

Canterbury’s biggest night club is set to stop using plastic straws and single use plastic water cups.

The popular club is ‘calling time’ on wasteful plastic cups and straws and replacing them with biodegradable ones in a bid to move towards being carbon neutral.

Canterbury City Councillor and Club Chemistry owner, Louise Jones-Roberts, said” I have always been environmentally conscientious but since becoming a city councillor I have really seen the impact we as individuals and businesses have on our local and global environment.

“At the Club, we recycle pretty much everything we use already. The exceptions were straws and plastic water tumblers.

“I am so pleased that we have addressed this. We celebrated our thirty year anniversary as a business in Canterbury last year and it got us thinking about where we want to be in another thirty years’ time – we decided that our main objective is to become a carbon neutral business.”

The club isn’t stopping there though – with future plans to expand their commitment of becoming a completely carbon neutral business.

One radical option is a dance floor which converts kinetic energy from people dancing into electricity. The other more traditional route will be using solar roof tiles to convert sunlight into electricity to power the venue.

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