5 Gross things girls do but won’t admit to #UnifiedFem

OPINION: It’s time to confess it all… UnifiedFem reveals the top five gross things that we all do but too ashamed to admit it. 

Only painting exposed toes in peep toe shoes/heels

Maybe I’m alone on this one, and perhaps I’m just a lazy individual but I am 100% guilty of only painting my toenails that will be on show. It started when I was late for a night out and quickly painted my two and a half toes that were making an appearance that night, three years later I like to think of it as my trademark hack.

To be honest, my toes are ugly anyway so they don’t deserve the nail polish.

Strategically shaving your legs (and other areas)

Shaving strategically saves time and also makes you look like a woman who has her life together.

Wearing ripped jeans? Only shave your knees. Wearing ankle grazers? Shave your ankles.

However, personally I take the whole ‘strategic shaving’ to a new level and am guilty of only shaving my bikini line when I go swimming, gross, I know but what people don’t know won’t hurt them.


Sticking your hair to the shower door

Washing long hair can often result in a few rogue strands that get caught in your fingers. So the best way to get rid of these, is to stick to them to shower door and get a little collection going.

Put them on display, be proud, you grew those yourself.

While we’re on the topic of showering and hair, why do your head hairs get stuck in weird places? TMI: but I’ve found them hiding under my boobs and in-between my butt cheeks.

 Going to bed with a full face of makeup after a night out

I’ve got chips in my bed and a shot glass in my bra – but somehow the thing that grosses me out the most is waking up with foundation and mascara all over my face with fake eyelashes acting as hair extensions.

Sure, I was a bit tipsy when I got in but surely I could have at least used a makeup wipe?

Also, why are my feet dirty?

Ah – that would be because my heels were hurting so I walked to the taxi barefoot. Will I ever learn?


Substituting shampoo with dry shampoo for more than one day

University did this to me. I used to wash my hair every other day but since I’ve been living the uni life, you’ll be lucky if you’ve ever seen me with clean hair.

Dry shampoo is a lifesaver and if you’re experienced in the art of dry shamps application like I am, then you can get away with a solid few days of friends and colleagues being unaware of the lazy and gross person I really am.

On the bright side, it can blend my roots between touch-ups, and it makes your hair smell nice? Win-win.

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