OPINION: Why I won’t be going to the all-white, all-male Summer Ball #UnifiedFem

Come to University they said – its inclusive, representative and welcomes everyone they said.  Well, except for anyone who isn’t a white male in their Summer Ball line-up.

The announcement of the whitewashed, all-male CCCU Summer Ball line-up has left a bitter taste in the mouths of their students.  It’s the biggest SU fundraising event of the year – should students go against their morals and attend or should they refuse to buy tickets and demand diversity?

Whilst the full line-up has not yet been announced, it has caused concern amongst some students.

Click here to read CCSU’s statement in full.

Christ Church SU has said in response that more acts are to be released, and that the final line-up will include more diversity:

However, that’s just not good enough.  The line-up should be varied from the beginning and I would never buy a ticket unless that was evident.

Diversity is so important, especially at university where you are meant to feel equal to your counterparts.  How does the university expect to engage students with their events if they do not feel represented?

By only using white men to sell the early bird tickets it gives the impression that women and black people don’t sell.

It almost feels to me as if the acts that are yet to be announced that will provide the diversity are afterthoughts.  Aren’t the artists headlining the events usually announced first to attract people to buy tickets?

On their website, Christ Church have said: “Equality, Diversity and Inclusion are central to our ethos and underpin everything that we do.”  Well, I’m sorry (not really) but I struggle to believe that equality, diversity and inclusion have underpinned the planning processes of the Summer Ball.

Rebecca Sheeres, Multimedia Journalism student at Christ Church

This is not the first time something like this has happened, in fact Wireless Festival were recently slammed for their lack of diversity.  Lily Allen photoshopped all the male artists out of the Wireless poster leaving only three females remaining.  Radio DJ Annie Mac was clearly not happy either, as she branded the misogynistic line-up as ‘appalling’. What are the organisers of these events thinking?  Why are women constantly being sidelined?

With more acts set to be released soon for the Summer Ball, I wait in anticipation for a more inclusive line-up.

Come on, CCCU – get your ‘act’ together.

Christ Church SU comments

A spokesperson for CCSU said: “The line-up featured solely male acts with the promise of more acts to be announced and some students have pointed out that it doesn’t reflect the diverse and inclusive nature of Christ Church Students’ Union.

“We accept that in hindsight that’s true especially when compared to last year’s event where we had a more varied line-up.

“We can assure you that when the full line-up is released it will be more diverse as we always aim to have variety to our acts at the Ball.”

Click here to read the SU’s full statement.

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Rebecca Sheeres

Rebecca is Unified’s Features Editor and a third year Multimedia Journalism student. Her work has been featured on KentLive, Kent Online and Culture Trip. She also co-hosts CSRfm’s Sunday Best show and is an equal rights activist.

2 thoughts on “OPINION: Why I won’t be going to the all-white, all-male Summer Ball #UnifiedFem

  • 08/03/2018 at 1:42 pm

    Pathetic. Get a life! Reverse discrimination at its finest! If you were not so sexist / racist this would not have been an issue. SO WHAT if it was all male. Or all female!

    And shame on you CCSU for bowing to this and adding a ‘token lesbian; to placate these foolish halfwits. This makes you look even worse!

  • 21/03/2018 at 9:16 pm

    My god, who the hell cares if it’s all males, all whites, just causing an issue and a problem over something that isn’t god damn needed!!!! If it was all women you’d be like yessssss women rule, women power, etc. You don’t hear anyone kicking off about that do you? No. So small minded honestly, and they have pro green for god sake I literally don’t care about any other act anyway, Black white or purple, there’s only an issue when some feminist makes one.

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