Date night ideas for every student couple #UnifiedFem

Date night is essential in a relationship. Often, we just become used to lazing around watching TV in our pyjamas and the idea of spending money is frightening – especially as uni students.

Date night not only is a nice thing to look forward to, it gives you quality time with your partner which is essential in any relationship.

It shows off that spark you have, and it just makes you feel good. Who doesn’t love dressing up and feeling excited for a date with your partner.

There’s a lot that comes to mind when planning date night: money, when, where… But here are the answers to all your questions.


It is important to make date night a regular occurrence, whether that’s once a week, fortnight or month. Obviously, your choice will depend on your money situation.

Personally, me and my partner aim for once a month and plan for the nearest date around our anniversary so we have a reason to go out and celebrate. So aim for a date that is meaningful then you have a reason to go out.

Money/ Where?

So these two factors roll into one, because where you go depends on how much money you have. Student don’t have the most amount of money but that doesn’t mean you can’t do date nights. Here are some ideas:

Special film night

Having the house to yourself, buying a few bags of sweets & crisps from the pound shop (spending less than £5), put some candles around the room, get your duvet on the sofa and put your favourite film on.

You’re probably thinking this is what we do normally, but actually no – you’re making an effort around each-other, with the candles and favourite film, a night all about the two of you.

London day out

If you are around the London area, this for you. Getting a train to Oxford Street and just walking through London, with an oyster your travel is fairly cheap.

You may think “Oh, there’s nothing to do!”, but around London there is always something to look at. Walking up and down the streets, there’s always something different – at this time of year you have free museums, and in the summer you have the street acts. There is always something.

Romantic stroll or scenic bike ride

Another idea is a bike ride/walk around a park, it may not seem like a lot but you can have such a good time racing each-other on your bikes or getting into meaningful conversations during your walk. The best thing? It’s completely FREE. If you did want to spend a little you could take a picnic with you.

Treat yourselves

If you have slightly more money to spend you could go to the cinema, a desert bar, crazy golf.

Fine dining with fine company

Alternatively if you’ve saved up big time you could go out for a fancy dinner and dress up. For me this is more around celebrations like anniversaries, birthdays etc.

The date night jar

Why not make a date night jar? You have lolly pop sticks which date night ideas on, all coded some which have no money, limited money or more money. Then you pick out the one that fits your money situation at that time. Fab idea right?

I think couples tend to deviate away from date night because of the money or they get comfortable at home and doing nothing, but date night is a great way to build memories with your other half and is essential for you two to have.

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