Unified’s best Canterbury Varsity pictures

Varsity ended two weeks ago, and we know you’re all missing it.

Christ Church sadly lost the week long competition, after some amazing results and impressive performances.

Unfortunately we didn’t have photographers at all of the events.

Remember, these are just what we think are the best, we’ll shortly release ALL of the photos we got on our Facebook page.

Women’s Lacrosse

Men’s Lacrosse

Women’s Football 1s

Men’s Football 1s

Men’s Football 3s

Netball 1s

Netball 2s

Netball 3s

Women’s Hockey

Men’s Hockey

Men’s Tennis

Women’s Football 2s

Men’s Cricket 1s

Women’s Cricket

Men’s Cricket 2s

Women’s Rugby

Men’s Rugby

A big thank you to our Photographers Anna Woodfield, Caitlin Elliott and Tom Kemp.

Sean McPolin

Sean is a third-year multimedia journalism student and News Editor for Unified. He has had work used at BBC, ITV, Huffington Post, Buzzfeed and the Daily Mail. He's an aspiring online journalist with a key interest in sports, and has written for the Mirror Sport and Mail Online.

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