Varsity ‘Ones to Watch’ Part 2

By Sonny Snelling & Ollie Mentessi

It’s time for part two of this years ‘Ones to watch’, in collaboration with CCCU’s sports teams. Who has stood out this season and who will shine during Varsity? 

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Mens Football third team

Men’s football third teams ‘one to watch’ this year is Ehis Ebosele, he stands out for many reasons.

His attacking threat and pace on the wing can trouble any defender.

Ehis Ebosele

Mens Football fourth team

Joe Massarella joined this year and they decided to take him into the team during trials.

At the time he seemed a player that would be a handy versatile sub.

However, it didn’t take him long to work his way into the starting 11.

Captain Joshua Karl Vincent said: “Every week at training and in every game he gives 100% which as a captain is all I can ask of my players.

“His strength and willingness to track back and follow runners is incredible.

“At varsity he will be the one to break the play up and get us onto the attack which will be vital.”

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Women’s Football second team

For the seconds it’s their first ever Varsity. Their ‘one to watch’ is number 19, Sinead Dale.

Sinead is the seconds underdog this year and has surprised a lot of the girls with her ability. She can adapt to play in any position and has been a great player to have in the club.

Women’s Hockey second team

Fresher Danielle Free, the Whockey two’s new knight in not so shiny goalkeeper armour.

This year Danielle has been non-stop training and committed to becoming a better keeper with one on one training with Scott Montgomery.

She has come a long way since the beginning of the season and although she has received a few bruises here and there, she is always back at training every week with a smile on her face ready to go.

One to watch as not much will be getting passed her at Varsity this year.

She has by far deserved player of the semester according to Stacie Killgallon.

The second team have their shot stopper to thank this year.

Men’s Hockey second team

One player to definitely watch out for this year is goalkeeper, Alex Jenner.

Building on his performances last year, he has put in an amazing effort on game days and during training, as well as social events throughout the year.

He had an amazing Varsity match last year, such that he won Man of the Match, putting in some crucial save.

His performances have improved ever since, to the point where this season the team would not be in their promotion challenging position without him.

Captain Blair Douglas said: “His focus and commitment to the club has been exceptional and he is a true role model to look out for.”

Netball second team

There are a few freshers on the team they are all amazing and very committed, however one that particularly stands out is GA, Annabel Mills.

Annabel is extremely dedicated and manages to come to all training sessions and games despite living in Whitstable and playing for an outside team.

Her shooting skills have really shone so far this year and she will definitely be a force to be reckoned with at Varsity.

Netball third team

Stand out performances this year come from WD Catherine ‘Cat’ Butler.

Cat is a key member of the team and is so versatile on the court. We can always rely on Cat to provide support in centre court as well as her interceptions and defensive play.

Cat always puts in 100% and is determined to keep motivated.

Catherine Butler picture bottom left.

Netball fourth team

A key player for the fourth team is Sammy Munro, who can play C, WA and WD.

Sammy’s understanding of the game, agility and ability to play a number of positions makes her a stand out.

Men’s Rugby second team

Captain Henry Taylor said: “I do not have a standout player so far, this season, as we have all put a shift in.

Unified will also cover all the rugby action

Mens Rugby third team

There are so many stand out players of this dominating team, but Chay Bellingham is by far one of the most dangerous players on the pitch.

He is fast and has a mean step and is a nightmare for his opposite man.

Men’s Volleyball

Karl Liiva has been playing volleyball for over 14 years.

Lyubomir Todoriev “He is most valuable player in our team.

“Karl is giving 100% on the court which makes his teammates to be more confident and enjoying their game.

“He is very experienced volleyball player who will help us to win Volleyball Varsity.”

Karl Liiva

Women’s Volleyball

The one to watch for in this year’s Women’s Volleyball Varsity match is Lindy Quek.

As a new member to the team, she is a great asset on the court being one of our main hitters as well as off the court bringing energy and motivation to every match they play.

Lindy Quek bottom left.


This years Cheerleading’s ‘one to watch’ is Amy O’Sullivan.

Amy is in her first year and has taken to cheerleading in such an amazing way.

Beginning the year on the level 2 team, she quickly began showing her amazing capabilities and with her effort and determination she was improving week on week.

Since then, she has solidified her place and position on the Level 1 team and has done nothing but excel and improve all year.

Jessie-May Winstone said: “We are so excited to see how she will develop over the year and hopefully, in, future years on the team.

“Despite having no cheerleading experience Amy has exceeded all expectations throughout the year, she has become one of our best flyers and has featured stunts in our Varsity Routine.

“We are so happy Amy decided to tryout for the team as she is a great asset to the C4 Jets.”

Amy O’Sullivan


With her second year on the varsity team, Lauren Royston keeps getting better and better.

Her commitment to training has shown great improvements in her riding.

She is definitely one to look out for.

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Luciana Arcila has been a great addition to the team this year.

Although she had never competed in swimming before the first BUCs round in November, she had a strong background in synchronised swimming and has now proved herself to be one of the teams best female swimmers.

Committed both in and out of the pool, Luciana’s strength and power in the water is to be admired.

Her passion for sport and enthusiasm for everyday life is what pushes her to strive for the best.



Ryan George is a third year student in dance society and the ‘One to watch’ at Varsity.

Rhianna Deon said: “This guy is probably the sassiest guy you’ll ever come across.

“He’s hard working and very committed, he’s improved hugely since starting in his second year.

“You can’t miss him, he’s definitely the One to watch out for.”

Ryan George

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