A preview of the ‘German Comedy Ambassador’: Henning Wehn

For the last fifteen years, Henning Wehn (a.k.a the German Comedy Amassador) has been touring around on the British comedy circuit.

Wehn has a unique approach to British culture and customs, from a very German point of view and is admittedly, not for everyone. However after seeing a preview of his upcoming tour ‘Get On With It’, due to begin in October, venues will undoubtedly be sold out.

“British always say we Germans don’t have a sense of humor, I don’t find that funny…”

Henning describes his new show as a ‘subjective look at Brexit’ and his anecdotes include his experiences with cheap airlines, English grammar and many other hilarious topics. Wehn’s look at Brexit from the perspective of a ‘German immigrant’ had the audience of the Betsey Trotwood in Faringdon, in absolute stitches. It is very odd hearing the forty-year-old Kraut using British colloquialisms and phrases like ‘innit’ alongside, “I’m as British as they come”.

Most of Henning’s material was fantastic and at £9 a ticket, just for the preview it was certainly a steal. However, there was the odd occasion that his material was slightly insensitive and crass, for example when he talked about not understanding Remembrance Day, and that you wouldn’t do that do any uniform, e.g. Tesco worker. This obviously didn’t get any laughs from the audience of 75 all crammed into the small room.

“Let me get one thing straight, we Germans, we like a laugh… we really do, just like the Brits, the only difference is Germans laugh once the work is done, rather than instead of…”


At the end of the gig Henning stood by the door and was willing to take photographs with fans and speak to them about how they found the show, something that you would definitely not have experienced with any other major comedian in the UK. I would recommend that you definitely keep an eye for Henning Wehn’s next tour and (hopefully if it is recorded) DVD/online release. His awkwardness and incomparable humour is what makes him so beloved by the British public, although he can sometimes be misunderstood.

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Brittany Tijou-Smith

Brittany is a third year Multimedia Journalism student, her work has been featured on KentLive and KentOnline. Her filming work also won ‘Documentary of the Year 2018’ at Canterbury Christ Church University.

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