Canterbury restaurant hands out food to homeless in the snow

Staff at a Canterbury restaurant have been taking hot food to homeless people out in the snow.

A La Turka in Northgate took to the streets of Canterbury city centre last week to offer meals to rough sleepers.

As temperatures plummeted below freezing, members of the team went out several times armed with hot dishes from the restaurant.

A La Turka staff armed with hot meals for rough sleepers. Picture from Facebook

A La Turka manager, Ahmed Qaderi said: “We were not busy so we made food, took it to the high street and gave it to the homeless because it’s still cold and we will be doing it again because our boss has a big heart.”

Ahmed saw many other members of the public offering their support to people on the streets.

He said: “I have seen some people giving blankets, coffees, teas, jackets and jumpers.”

Staff at the restaurant also gave out food on Christmas Day and opened the doors of the restaurant for people out on the streets to come in for a festive meal.

The Al La Turka team in the kitchen on Christmas Day. Picture from Facebook.

Ahmed suggested that other businesses in Canterbury should do more to offer similar acts of kindness.

He added: “Other businesses need to do it as well because some people need food and just don’t have the money to get it.”

Canterbury homelessness charity, Catching Lives, have reported that they too have seen a rise in members of the public reaching out to show support.

Catching Lives day centre in the snow

Project leader Graeme Solly said: “Especially at this time of year, we get a lot of offers from our community which we rely on.

“When the weather is severe we always get a lot more phone calls, emails, conversations on Facebook because obviously people are concerned.

“We’ve had a lot of people dropping off donations of food, bedding and clothing and offering to help with things like cooking meals so it’s been brilliant.”

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