JW Anderson X Converse Trainer Review

The JW Anderson x Converse shoes are the best on the market since Nike collaborated with Off – White, in my opinion.

There is always hype when two brands come together and create a product. It’s a chance to see what they can both create.

At first, I didn’t think it would work because JW Anderson, being a high fashion brand doesn’t seem like it could suit with a more budget brand like Converse.

However, ever since they leaked the pictures on HYPEBEAST, I knew I had no choice but to get them.

After a long wait, I can definitely say the purchase was well worth it. It isn’t much different from a normal pair of Converse, but the JW Anderson pattern just makes it look even more special and rare.

Similar to a standard pair of Chuck Taylors, the shoe is very comfortable and when worn, it feels like you are paying respect to both brands for executing an amazing vision.

Apart from how comfortable they are, the price isn’t too high. Surprisingly, the shoe is only being sold for 90 pounds on the JW Anderson website.

This makes the shoe even more exciting to buy because the brand is known for selling products that are thousands of pounds.

The design is very simple but that is the best thing about it. It hasn’t gone over the top and JW has definitely made Converse even more appealing.

The shoe seems to go with anything that is in the streetwear style and so far it’s not really been seen around much, based on my experience.

This makes it feel more of a reason to wear the shoe because, well, not everyone seems to have it which makes it even more eye catching.

In terms of sizing, it’s pretty much the same as what you’d buy if you were buying some normal Converse.

Overall I’d say it’s an amazing pair of shoes and so far it seems like brands coming together is going very well. A very affordable price and it’s even available in different colours.

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