Marc Jacobs Backpack – is it worth the cash?

Collecting different types of bags have always been a thing and high-end fashion brands have been the reason behind it.

People may like collecting different pieces. I like to collect bags as it’s something that can last decades if kept well and bought from the right brands.

Marc Jacobs has always produced some of the best quality clothing, in my opinion.

Season after season, they are innovative with the type of clothes they sell.

However, I decided to buy a backpack because I wanted to see if the quality matches the price tag.

The bag is available in different colours and even in different sizes.

I have bought the mini edition and the best way to describe it overall would be “different.”

Although there are bags out there that look similar to this one, there’s something about the feel of the material which differentiates it from the rest.

In terms of style, it suits the majority of outfits and in fact, it has made my overall appearance look better.

When it came to buying the bag, I thought the smaller size would be a better purchase because it would mostly be used for small accessories, but surprisingly it has had more space inside than I thought making it an even better purchase.

The appearance and feel of the bag is a very high quality which makes it worth its price of £160. It’s less likely to rip or be damaged than an ordinary bag and after wearing it numerously since I bought the product, it still looks new.

Some bags could appear tacky and feel uncomfortable, however, Marc Jacobs, in particular, have carefully thought about the way it should make the consumer feel.

The only bad aspect of the material is that, despite being strong and high quality, it very easy to get dirty and have a permanent mark if not placed carefully.

Luckily I was able to remove a smudge but that’s not something I would want to go through when I buying a product from a high fashion brand.

Overall, a great for a casual look or even when you attend a fashionable event. It’s simple but very stylish.

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