One thought on “Student Elections 2018: Debate Night

  • 09/03/2018 at 8:40 am

    As a student at CCCU I would not vote for any of these candidates. I skipped a few bits of the video as it simply got repetative.
    Everybody is “the most passionate” and “going to be the voice” “going to push the VC” but nobody gave a HOW. It’s easy for the President Candidates to say they are going to fight the VC but anybody can say this. A decent candidate would have given their ways.. they could maybe breakdown the budget an explain to the VC exactly what they are spending money on and where it is falling short, making a point of why the money is actually necessary and therefore creating a strong argument, rather than just saying ‘We want money’!?.. I don’t have all the answers, im not applying for the role, and im aware these are the boring parts but its the ideas behind the aims that actually make a difference. It’s a shame to see students still repeating the same generic promises with no substance to their arguments.

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