‘The answer is no guns in schools’- The Archbishop of Canterbury speaks out against Donald Trump’s plans to arm US school teachers

The Archbishop of Canterbury has described Donald Trump’s plans to arm US teachers as ‘incomprehensible’.

This comes after the president’s proposal to give teachers in US schools guns to prevent mass shootings, following the Florida school massacre that killed 17 people in February.

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When asked in an exclusive Unified interview to comment on Trump’s suggestion to arm school teachers, The Archbishop of Canterbury, Justin Welby said: “I listened to a number of teachers being interviewed on the news and one or two seemed to argue in favour, but to me that’s incomprehensible.”

The Archbishop sends a message of support to the victims of the latest school shooting in Florida.

The Church of England leader stated that more guns is not the solution to school shootings.

“The answer to too many guns in schools is not to have more guns in schools.

“The answer is to have no guns in schools and no one capable of bringing automatic or semi-automatic firearms into schools.”

Archbishop, what is your message to the Florida school shooting survivors campaigning for tighter gun control laws in the US?

The Archbishop also spoke out in support of the surviving students of the Florida school shooting who are currently campaigning for tighter laws on gun control, telling them to continue in their fight.

He said: “Keep going. Keep going. There’s a massive political campaign which is rightly being engaged with by those students.

President of American Donald Trump called for teachers to be armed.

“I was blown away by their eloquence and how articulate and courageous they were. I just thought it was extraordinary.

“But America, one of it’s greatest values is free speech, the capacity of people to campaign. In America you can say what you want so I say ‘keep going’.”

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