Trailers- Necessary or outdated?

You’ve narrowly missed the traffic. You’ve dodged the queues. You’ve been over-charged for your movie snacks, you’ve brought your tickets to see whatever is popular that week.

With your wallet wailing at you- for your expensive purchases, you attempt to find your seats slalom style in the dark (making sure you accidentally kick as many as possible on the way to them).

After settling in and finishing your popcorn before the main event (maybe that’s just me): you’re immersed in a series of trailers.

Trailers are a collection of previews to be shown at a future date at a cinema. Originally when they first came on the scene in 1913, they had their début after a film was shown. This practice was later abolished as most patrons left immediately after the film had finished, and so they started to screen them before the main film.


. You’re thoroughly entertained before the movie begins.

. You can plan future movie trips if the trailers are good like I did for Den of Thieves

– which was amazing apart from 50 Cent’s acting which was as flat as Focaccia (but less tasteful). Or The Nice Guys:

. A movie I never ended up seeing, as procrastination is an old compadre of mine.


. Your time is spent almost indefinitely for the main film.

. The trailers might even put you off from seeing the film if they’re bad enough.

Personally I say we get rid of trailers before films. It would leave you with more time to watch the film and plus: the Cinema’s would be able to show more films throughout the day if they did away with trailers. What do you think?

By Francis Olaku

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One thought on “Trailers- Necessary or outdated?

  • 25/03/2018 at 9:49 am

    Trailers are an integral revenue stream for theatres in the age of on-demand streaming services and dwindling ticket sales. Also, film studios are willing to pay good money for that slot before a film to advertise to a captive audience, especially at a time where a huge percentage of people us AdBlock. It’s an important part of keeping our cinemas open.

    Can’t just get rid of them because you don’t like them…

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