Uber Drought in Kent

Uber have confirmed that they are no longer operating in Kent after changing their own driver policy. 

A spokesperson for Uber confirmed that the company were not operating in Kent: “We have recently ended long distance cross-border driving.

“We don’t currently have an operator licence in Kent. This means that drivers licensed by TFL can now only drive in and around Greater London (including airports).”

Uber have faced criticism across the world since becoming a popular service

The international company previously allowed its drivers licenced in one county to work anywhere in the UK.

A ban on this has meant that drivers in Kent, who were previously licensed by Transport For London (TFL), are not allowed to work in the county anymore.

Cross-border driving is legal in England and Wales, but Uber chose to change to its policy after receiving complaints from local councils that cross-border driving meant it was ‘hard for them to oversee what some drivers are doing’.

A spokesperson for the Canterbury City Council said: “Taxis crossing local authority borders is specifically permitted by the law but we understand this is currently being reviewed by the government.

Canterbury City Council offices on Military Road – Image: Google Maps

“Local councils are unable to monitor and control private hire vehicles that are not licensed by them.

“A number of cross-border drivers work in the Canterbury district, and for passengers the risks remain the same so passengers should always take reasonable precautions.

“Beware of touts and only use a licensed taxi, check the driver’s ID, if hiring a mini cab make sure they have your name when they arrive and it’s not a stranger pretending to be a taxi driver, check the car is clean and well presented, sit behind the driver if alone.

“If you feel unsafe get out – never share a cab and always have your house keys ready before getting out.”

Uber have not yet confirmed whether they have applied, or plan to apply, for a licence.

They have been operating in Kent for less than 2 years, with the company first advertising for jobs in Tunbridge back in May 2016.

Watch Uber’s ‘Let’s Unlock Cities’ video below…

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