Varsity Legends 2018

Inspired by ‘the ones to watch’ Unified have again teamed up with the C4 captains to bring you this years Varsity legends. Who stood out and shone on the big stage? 

Every captain or president was contacted by sports editor Sonny Snelling to find out who were their legend?

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Swimming’s Varsity legend is Sam Woodard. 

He was a massive part of the team, winning all of his races and dominating within the men’s relay.

He supported the whole team and even brought along a special mascot who is pictured in the team photo.

Despite his commitments he still manages to be a part of the team.

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Adulai Seidi won best Male at Varsity and in all of his routines you can tell this guy is having the time of his life.

He is very talented, and has come a very long way since starting dance society last year.

Even though he says he’s never danced before you would never have known.

Dance President Rhianna Deon said: “Every year this boy steps it up and gives 110% in every class he’s in.

“That trophy was very well deserved.”

Adulai Seidi pictured left, gave his all at Varsity.

Women’s Lacrosse

Having scored a goal in her first ever Varsity, Abbie Fisher is Women’s LAX Varsity Legend.

Abbie started lacrosse this year and has been a very committed member of the team.

Captain Noora Virtanen said: “It has been great to see her develop as a player and build up her skills.

“Abbie handled the pressure of Varsity brilliantly and was a real asset in our toughest game of the year.

“Her focused play had a significant positive impact on the whole team.

“We look forward to seeing how she gets on next year as we are sure she will continue to improve.”

Abbie Fisher.

Men’s Lacrosse

This year was Giorgio Michael’s last Varsity but year he has gotten better and better.

In the 2018 event he excelled – scoring some amazing and important goals, and was voted man of the match by the players.

Captain Paddy Gilbert said: “He will definitely be missed in the coming years.”

Giorgio Michael after scoring at Varsity this year.

Women’s Football 1’s

Captain Chloe Woolaway had a lot to say about her team with their great Varsity win.

She said: “Best players from Varsity were Saraya Phillips who got the MOTM for putting her body on the line (literally) for the team and playing a class game from start to finish.

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“Also to my vice-captain and our scholar, Nicole Pepper for scoring two sensational free-kicks, keeping us in the game and keeping all the girls heads throughout.”

Men’s Football 1’s

Goalkeeper Harry Brooks was the standout performer for the 1s at Varsity.

Captain Ollie Mentessi said: “Despite Kent shipping four goals past, ‘Brooksy’ bailed us out on several occasions and has done all season.

“Remarkably, Brooksy dislocated one of his fingers the day before our Varsity game and played on.

“The commitment shown by Brooksy makes captaining the 1st team even easier.”


In his own words Captain Jack Thurston said: “This player is an excellent athlete and a role model to all, king of trash talking and king of the court, Jack Thurston.

“He has certainly put badminton on the map and is the man on everyone’s lips, despite a disappointing result, but superb performance all are in agreement that Thurston finally deserves official legendary status.”

Jack Thurston at Varsity 2018.

Women’s Volleyball

Captain Chloe Stone said: “The player that definitely stood out in this year’s varsity was Julia Pimenova.

“Only joining this January, but having years of experience, Julia brought strength and a determination to win.

The women came close to a famous Varsity win.

“Using her powerful serves, she allowed us to make an amazing comeback of six points and win a set we thought we would most definitely lose.

“She is an essential part of the team and helped us play one of the closest Varsity matches we’ve ever had.”

Men’s Volleyball

Men’s Volleyball Varsity legend is Karl Liiva.

Captain Lyubomir Todoriev said: “He is so exciting and so dynamic, he’s always looking to finish the attack with a winning point.

Captain Lyubomir Todoriev (left) with Varsity legend Karl Liiva (right)

“Karl’s attacks and serves are so powerful, strong and accurate, It’s really enjoyable to play with him.

“His strong performance was one of the reasons why won the game.”

Women’s Basketball

Zita Mendes is the Varsity legend from Women’s Basketball.

Captain Eftychia Panayiotou said: I am sure everyone that came to watch saw how amazing she is at basketball.

Zita Mendes after her Varsity win.

“Not only did she score 37 points, but she gave an amazing performance with an epic buzzer beater at the end of the game.”

Men’s Basketball

Basketball President Samson Olabisi was in high praise of his Captain Sam Bignell.

Samson said: “Sam top scored in the game for us with 13 points so he was our most effective player on the court by creating big plays and sharing the ball.

“With our big men in foul trouble, he had to mark some of their big guys on defence which helped us.

“He was a leader on the court, especially for some of the younger guys playing in a big game for the first time.”

Sam Bignell.

Netball 4’s

UKC are 4 leagues above the 4’s so they knew the game would be really tough.
Captain Adian Phillips said: “Everyone from the attackers to the defenders performed superbly, gave their all and did not once give up despite the lead that UKC took so are all stars of Varsity for me.
“But if I had to narrow it down to one I would choose Teckisha Seikegba, who was a real anchor to our team.
Teckisha Seikegba
“She played various positions and defensively was outstanding, she gave everything on the court to the point that she ended up injuring herself in the final quarter.
“Not only was her defensively play superb but her constant motivation on court was a real driving force for the team.”

Netball 3’s

Captain Megan Freer had a legend and a star player who stood out.

She said: “Varsity legend is definitely our one of a kind Aggie Newton.

“This year was Aggie’s third and final Varsity, not only did she bring her calm and collective play to the court and show her love for the sport but continued to entertain us with her funny one liners.

Aggie Newton.

“A Varsity star for me is definitely Holly Niven.

“Holly had an amazing game, her interceptions and defensive play put pressure on the Kent attack and gave us more opportunities to fight back.

“Despite the score, Holly continued to be positive and lift the team’s spirits which encouraged everyone to give 100%.”

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Netball 2’s

Laura Cartwright is the Varsity legend for the 2’s this year.

Despite being on full time placement she made it her priority to come to every training session without fail and this really paid off in her Varsity performance.

She was the 2’s GK and her defending throughout the game was excellent, she is also a great team player and reads the game really well.

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Netball 1’s

It was hard for captain Abbie Webster to pick one Varsity legend so she picked two; Katie Lankshear and Lucinda Rose. 

Although the whole team played their socks off and beat UKC by just 2 points both the GK and C played out of their skins.

Abbie Webster said: “We lose these two players this year and they’ve done myself and the C4 team so proud over the last three years.

“Their passion, determination and desire to win is admirable and Christ Church will miss them greatly.

“Well done girls and good luck for the future.”

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American Football

American Football’s Varsity legend is Edward Fisher.

Captain Francesco Costagliola said: “The best player during Varsity thanks to his brilliant defensive performance as linebacker.

“He made some excellent tackles and stopped Kent offensive plays many times during the game.”

Edward Fisher

Men’s Tennis 1’s and 2’s

Men’s 1st:

The legend is Scott Bradley Williams.

For his first Varsity ever, Scott played with the first team and it was a big match for him.

Scott Bradley Williams, Credit: Anna Woodfield Photography

Baptiste Danel said: “He played wonderfully, dominating his opponent throughout the game, and showing great skills, much better skills than the player from Kent.

“He proved that he deserved to be in the first team and can be happy with how he played.”

Men’s 2nd:

Baptise Danel said: “Who could be the legend, but the one and only Sam Cole.

“Our president played an amazing doubles with the VP and Sam’s great performance carried the boys to a victory.

Sam Cole.

“It was one of the greatest shows of how to hit huge winners off the opponent’s first serve on his forehand and backhand side.

“The President showed the rest of the team the attitude we want to see at Varsity, Well done Sam.”

Women’s Tennis

Rafaella Koloni was in high praise of her Varsity legend.

Rafaella said: “Our 2018 Varsity star is Amie Tonkiss.

“Amie is our No1 player and she played a spectacular match, utilising her clean strokes and aggressive game character to push her opponent to her limit.

“She was focused and showed determination throughout all of her games, reminding the rest of the team that giving it all we’ve got is our only option.

Amie Tonkiss.

Womens Hockey 2’s

Captain Stacie Killgallon knew the player who stood out at Varsity. 

She said: “Our Varsity legend would have to be Rhiannon Bartlett.

“She really held the defensive in our match, which turned out to be a very defensive game. She held her nerve in her first Varsity game and really shone through and made a huge impact on the game.”

Rhiannon Bartlett.

Women’s Hockey 1’s

Olivia Gallagher is Women’s Hockey 1s Varsity Legend.

Having Vice Captained the team superbly all year, fighting through a long term knee injury and long weeks of placement, Olivia stepped out on the pitch ready to take on UKC.

Olivia Gallagher.

Her positive presence on the pitch has been one that allows the girls to grow in confidence throughout the season and her leadership, resilience and talent was even more evident on the day of Varsity.

Olivia’s hard work came with the just reward of a stunning Varsity goal which put them 2 nil up on the day.

Captain Laura Buttimer said: “Not to be forgotten about, fresher Emily Brough had a stand out performance commanding our defensive line and being impassable as she has done throughout the season.”

Men’s Hockey 2’s

Captain Blair Douglas knew his legend.

He said: “My star of Varsity has to be Alfie Tedder.

“He has been solid for the whole season in defence and in attacking shorts, without him we would not be where we are in the league.

“He continued this outstanding run of form through to Varsity and made such an impact to the game, making sure that the defensive line was solid.”

Alfie Tedder.

Men’s Hockey 1’s

Captain Sam George gave us his Varsity Legend; Alex Rydon. 

He said: “Alex is a determined forward who gives the team great height and depth, he is always looking to receive the ball which is fantastic.

“He scored a lovely goal at Varsity slotting it in the bottom corner against a Scotland u21 keeper.

“Alex has started playing 1st team this year and has impressed me how much he’s risen to every match standard in the south prem.”

Alex Rydon

Women’s Football 2’s

Women’s Football 2s best player(s) were Ana Hampson for making some amazing saves and keeping the team in the game.

Goalie Ana Hampson

Chloe Woolaway said: “This girl only joined the team at Christmas and had never played in goal before, she has amazing dedication and it showed at Varsity.

“Also a quick mention to Sinead Dale, who was our ‘one to watch.

Our ‘one to watch’ Sinead definitely impressed.

“Sinead was actually carrying an injury into this game, but she didn’t let that effect her and played so well and even scored a brilliant goal.

“Jess and Monique have both done amazing things with this squad this season and they should be proud of themselves.”

Men’s Football 4’s

The fours put in a valiant effort and Captain Joshua Karl Vincent praised one man in particular.

“My Varsity legend is my former captain Ryan Mascoll.

“We did not win Varsity under Ryan, but the year he captained us made us a team, we got stronger as the season went on and he made some players who they are today.

“Under Ryan’s management I didn’t know anyone that wouldn’t put the work in for him as he was a passionate leader.

Ryan Mascoll.

“He gave it everything he had and to lose that final Varsity meant everything to him.

“This is why I chose him over so many other worthy players.”

Men’s Football 3’s

Captain Carl Richards found it hard to pick one legend after his sides amazing result.

He said: “I can’t give my Varsity legend to just one player, therefore my Varsity legends are Sam De Garis and Ose Ebosele.

Sam De Garis and Ose Ebosele.

“This year they have really helped with the team cohesion and Varsity was a great showcase of their on-the-field talents too.

The team were in high spirits after Varsity.

“Being in their second year I really hope that they can bring the team into next years Varsity and keep up our 100% Varsity record.

“A shout out also has to go to Carl Richards, who has scored, kept a clean sheet and won two out of two Varsity’s.”

Captain Carl Richards.

Men’s Football 2’s

Despite his sides loss Captain Lee Bird had a top player.

He said: “Our star performer for the 2nd team in our Varsity game was George Yianni.

“Not only did he get our only goal but also battled and worked all game.

“He was unlucky to hit the cross bar in the second half which would’ve won us the game so deserved to be mentioned as start performer.”

George Yianni.


The Equestrian Varsity legend has to go to Caroline Laurie.

Throughout her time at uni Caroline has been faced with many challenges and has come back stronger than before getting two seconds at Varsity.

Bekka Barrow said: “Her team spirit, dedication and passion for riding made her an important role model for our team.

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“What a great way to end her last year at uni.”

Rugby 3’s

Captain James Yuille was impressed with his legends performance.

He said: “Seb Ross is my Varsity Legend for Men Rugby 3rds.

“He had a great game from start to finish, he put 100% into the game, achieving many turn overs winning us the ball and not missing a tackle, his determination to make every tackle stopped numerous tries.

“He has great positivity on and off the pitch and boosts the moral of the team every week.

“He is a very valuable player to the squad and is a great friend to entire team and myself.”

Seb Ross

Rugby 2’s

The legend is Georgie Rawlinson. 
Captain Henry Taylor said: “He has played well throughout the season I’m sure he has played his part through his many Varsitys.
“Another star player was Leeroy Chaipa, who put in a solid performance for us in tough conditions.”
As the weather was so bad here is a team picture from earlier in the season.


This years Varsity legend for Snow-sports is Tom Brown.

He demolished the slalom races and put Kent’s number one to shame by beating him each race.

Austin Foster said: “Many hopes for the future.”

Tom Brown was king of the slalom.


Captain Daisy Musgrove could not pick a Varsity legend.

She said: “As our Varsity scores were calculated on execution, we couldn’t choose a ‘varsity legend’ as everyone had to perform their best for us to win.

“We are however especially proud of Hannah, Charlotte, Chloe, Becky and Katie-Anne who came first in their categories, helping us gain that win against Kent.”

Trampolining were buzzing after their deserved win.

Women’s Cricket

Captain Grace Beard said: “All of them played great, but also all had down points in the game.

“I would say though Ana Hampson was best player, she did some outstanding bowling as well as her fielding in the first innings.

“If I hadn’t have watched the ball while we were both batting I’m sure we would have made a good batting pair, but she batted great as well, I was very proud of that girl.”

Men’s Cricket 2’s

The second team were still in good spirits and selected a top player from Varsity.

Captain Ali Barker said: “Varsity didn’t go as well as hoped for the 2’s, but Stuart Dockerill showed exactly why he’s a scholar.

“Providing some runs with the bat and offering a dangerous option with the ball, he helped make the game slightly more competitive.”

Stuart Dockerill

Men’s Cricket 1’s

Captain Jack Lewis Wheeler said: “With the ball Todd Jordan was the stand out for me.

“As a fresher to bowl as he did under that amount of pressure was class.

“With the bat, Aiden Griggs, he showed his experience and class and managed to put us is a very strong position which we couldn’t capitalise on.

“We look forward to outdoor varsity now and most of us will be back next year to take back that indoor Varsity title.”

Women’s Rugby

Women’s rugby’s Varsity legend is Charlotte Andrews.

Captain Aegean Leech said: “Charlotte was new to Rugby as she started university.

“She was a star hockey athlete who’s family are all avid rugby followers, with the support from them, in her second year she joined Rugby.

“She took to it like a duck to water and with each training session and each match she became a vital reliable and talented player on the pitch.

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“She became a great captain in her second year playing rugby and captain the team to win Varsity and storm into second place in the league below premiership.

“Each week she is committed and infectious (always smiling).

“She is a great friend to all those on the team and above all a respectable young lady who will go into achieve great things, in life and in Rugby. She’s a true legend.”

Men’s Rugby 1’s

Captain Ed Ellson said: “Our Varsity legend is Kyan Braithwaite.

He kicked the winning penalty goal into the wind and stepped into nine to run the forwards and see the game out.”

Cross country

Fearghal Heaney is the Varsity legend.

Captain Rebecca Jackson said: “We’ve chosen Fearghal as our varsity legend as after a busy cross country season and a tough 10 mile road race.

“Fearghal remained consistently rapid throughout the Varsity course and played a huge part in bringing the draw for CCCU, running a sub-20 5km.

“He has come back even stronger this year and we look forward to seeing him bring in new PBs.”

Fearghal Heaney

Well done to everyone who took part, head over to our Varsity page for all the action from

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