BUCS end of season round up

C4 sports had another fantastic year with league titles and huge Varsity wins. Find out how the teams got on this season. 

Every team captain was contacted to get their opinion on this year’s season.

Varsity 2018 – Click here to see the full coverage 

Women’s Football 1’s & 2’s

Women’s first team captain Chloe Woolaway was very positive about the 1’s and 2’s season.

She said: “We were keen to head into the 17/18 season with a clean slate.

“We had a new committee, a change of 1st team captain for the first time in 3 years and a new coach.

Women’s Football had a great year.

“With this we headed into our first fixtures with a lot to prove and we came away with a 9-0 win for the 1st team and a 3-2 win in ET of the first round of the cup for the 2nd team.

“After a walkover we looked forward to heading into the next round where we faced each other (1’s Vs 2’s) for the first time ever.

“It’ll be a shame to see many of us leave this year”

“The 1st team came out on top with a merciless performance against our teammates winning 20-0.

“The 1’s run in the cup took us all the way to the semi-final.

Captain Chloe.

“In the league 1’s finished joint top of the league and 2’s finished at the bottom half of the table but managed to narrowly miss relegation.

“As for Varsity, 1’s were chasing a 7th annual win in a row and 2’s were introduced as a fixture for the first time ever.

“Both teams gave incredibly courageous and exhilarating performances to make two very successful wins against our rivals Kent.

“On a whole the club have had a very successful season and it’ll be a shame to see many of us leave this year.”

Men’s Football 1’s

Captain Ollie Mentessi was estatic after the Men’s Football first team won the title.

He said: “We’ve had a fantastic season overall, winning our first game 6-0 against Middlsex.

“We then lost our next two league games unfortunately but continued our good form in the cup by beating Surey 4-0 and Chichester from the league above 2-0.

Men’s Football 1’s after their league victory.

“After losing Varsity and exiting the cup in the quarter finals to a very decent Brunel 1st team, our attentions switched to the league title chase where at this point we had six games to play in the space of three weeks and sat in 5th position, 12 points behind the leaders at time time (our 2nd team).

“It was an absolute landslide that we had to climb to try and win the league with us not being able to afford to drop a single point.

Men’s Football 1’s Varsity GIF

“In those games we scored 19 goals and only conceded two, summing up both our attacking and defensively qualities.

“Ultimately, the hard work all the boys put in week in week out lead us to being crowned champions.

“The boys have been an absolute pleasure to captain all season, for me to pick a standout performer at our end of season awards will be incredibly difficult.”

Men’s Football 3’s

Football 3’s Varsity GIF
Third team captain Carl Richards was happy with his teams progress this year.

He said: “I am very pleased with my team and everyone that has helped me get to where we are.

“I am very proud of my team and the motivation they showed”

“At the start of the year we had a completely different lineup to the one we ended the season with, the changing of players hindered us and we were left fighting to stay in the league.

“However, as 2018 turned we gained a few new faces and this really helped us.

The third team after their massive Varsity win
“We started playing better football and in February we dominated Kent 3rds winning the only men’s football varsity for Christ Church.

“However in the league we were struggling to gain points from our last few games, and in true C4 style, we left it to the last game of the season to secure our safety.

“I am very proud of my team and the motivation they showed for coming back week after week, it is my last year in football so hopefully the next captain takes over from myself and pushes for that league title I believe we deserve.”

Men’s Football 4’s

Fourth team captain Josh Karl Vincent believes his team showed true grit this season.

He said: “For me the season began with a very nervous start, our first game we were 2-0 down and I wasn’t ready to do my first team talk after the game to be about a loss.

“However, we showed great determination and managed to pull it back to a 3-2 win.

The Fourth team

“That’s when I knew that this team could go far.

“Being the 4th team at uni I think it’s easy for people to look at us and not take us seriously, but if anything I think this year has proved that 4th team isn’t a joke.

“Winning the league can only be credit to the players and hard work we have put in.

4’s Varsity GIF

“Being struck with injuries through the year affected our league run and Varsity.

“Looking on for next year whoever takes the team on from me will be getting a set of players who will give it their all and I believe they can go far.”

Women’s LAX

Captain Noora Virtanen is proud of her teams successful year. 

“We have had more members than ever, more goals scored than ever, more wins than ever, beaten Kent 2s bigger than ever, and played as a unit the whole season.

“I’ve loved every second of playing for CCCU”

“Due to our hard work and only one loss in the BUCS league, we are proud to be 2nd with an amazing goal difference of 59.

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“Our highlights were beating UCL 2s (3rd in the league) 10-6, making it to the second round in the Cup and Varsity.

“While we lost our Varsity match, we were able to improve the score from 31-1 last year to 15-5.

“I’ve loved every second of playing for CCCU and while I’m sad I’m leaving, I’m so proud of our team this year.

“I couldn’t have hoped for a more amazing team to captain and play with on my final year.”

Men’s LAX

For Captain Paddy Gilbert he has a few stand out moments.

He said: “Highlights of the year were obviously Varsity.

“We did not get the win I feel like we deserved but gave them a run for their money.

“We had a good few wins in the league and finished 3rd – consistent position throughout the last three years.

Men’s LAX at Varsity

“Freshers have obviously been fantastic, special mention to Alex Wright for his dedication and Dudley Hewlett for my most improved.

“Also, this year saw us successfully merge with Maidstone and UKC for playing in the Saturday league (SEMLA) it has enabled us to play more regularly with experienced players, and for some of us play at a higher level.

“This is my last year and I will be looking forward to returning for Old Boys, and hopefully playing with/against some of the boys in SEMLA in future.”


Captain George White knows Futsal have had a great year.

He said: “Our main aim for this season was to grow the sports society and getting it known more by CCCU students.

“We have definitely achieved this through having our highest attendance ever at a Futsal game at CCCU as well as organising our first charity event, with help from the Cheerleaders.

“The highlight of our year has to be the last game of the season, with relegation a possibility we had such a strong win of 10-3 vs Essex and ended up finishing mid table.

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“It was a massive year for the team both on and off the court.

“Sadly this is my last year at the university.

“But I am confident that we have a good group of lads that we are leaving behind that understand how to be successful.

“I am extremely hopefully for the future of Futsal at CCCU. Watch this space!”

Women’s Hockey 2’s

Stacie Killgallon, Holly Harrison and their team have been on an emotional roller-coaster this year.

Holly said: “This year we took 10 girls who had never played hockey before and threw them into BUCS League 4B.

“At the start of the season, our goals against us rose but our determination rose with them.

“Our confidence grew so high as our team bonded over our love for this new found sport we had learnt together, we laughed at each other’s mistakes, but we also cheered so hard at each other’s achievements.

“As the season went on, we were becoming a very challenging team against our opposition, our defence was becoming greater and greater and our fitness as a team was growing stronger and stronger.

“We had many unlucky missed goal opportunities but that just made us more goal hungry to the point we won one of our matches 8-0.

“we stayed firmly in the league”

“As the end of season drew to a close we faced relegation play offs to the same team we had our marvellous result too.

“It’s my pleasure to say that our little team made up of majority hockey fresher’s avoided relegation and we stayed firmly in the league.”

Stacie added: “It has been an honour to work along side every single member on the pitch this season and I could not be more happier with not only our final result in the league but more importantly how far each and every player has come.”

Men’s Hockey 1’s

Captain Sam George is proud of his players improvements this year.

He said: “The first team had a very tough year getting promoted into the south prem, lots of players have improved over the year which is amazing to see.

“Our closest game was the last game of the season against Cambridge which we lost 4-1 and everybody played so well.”

Captain Sam George at Varsity

Men’s Hockey 2’s

Captain Blair Douglas loved the fighting spirit shown by his team.

He said: “The 2’s have had a tough season this year, with a very new team that has not played together, however, we prevailed in the league challenging for promotion unfortunately we lost in the last game.

“All credit goes to the boys as we fought to the very end and the result sadly not going our way.

“Varsity was perhaps our closets game only losing by 1 goal ,however the performance for the team this year has been outstanding and I couldn’t be more proud of the progress we have made.”

Both Hockey teams had tough but rewarding seasons.

Women’s Basketball

The Women’s Basketball year was summed up perfectly by Captain Eftychia Panayiotou

She said: “This has been an incredible year for Women’s Basketball, we have raised our standards, we have more passion and more love for the sport.

“Our first achievement was winning Varsity for the second time in a row, then we won the East Kent League with 11 out of 12 wins.

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“We battled UCL in the final match to win the BUCS league but unfortunately, we lost in extra time.

“I love these girls and this team”

“However, we have not let that put us down and we are now in the finals for the East Kent Cup on 28th April by winning all of our games.

“We are still training and working hard to win this! Can’t wait to play with this team again next year, I love these girls and this team”.

Men’s Basketball

The Men had a very good season narrowly missing out on promotion, but Captain Sam Bignell was still happy about his teams season.

He said: “This season has been another close season for Men’s Basketball.

“In the BUCS league, we won six out of the nine games finishing 3rd in the league.

“Just missing out on promotion by losing by six points to King’s College on the last league game of the season.

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“In the East Kent League we won 10 out of the 15 games finishing 2nd in the league, we still have the East Kent cup to play for before the season is done.

“It was always going to be a tough season when losing key players from last season and a lot of young guys joining the team.

“Still gave it 100% and a build up of silly mistakes cost us the season.”

Netball 1’s

Captain Abbie Webster’s team all worked hard this year.

She said: “Netball first team have had the most amazing 2017/2018 season.

“I honestly could not pick a ‘best player’ because each individual in their own way contributed to our wins.

Netball 1’s at Varsity

“Go and smash it next year girls”

“Not only did we win Varsity but we also topped division 2 and therefore next year the girls will play in division 1.

“Myself, Katie Lankshear and Lucinda Rose will be leaving this year and I can say on behalf of myself and my two girls we have loved every second of Christ Church netball.

“Go and smash it next year girls.”

Netball 3’s

Here’s what some of the Netball 3’s had to say about their season.

Captain Megan Freer said: “Netball 3rds have had a really good season and all the girls have worked so hard.

“We were a new team put together at the beginning of the year, everyone gelled together so well and always played as a team.

Netball 3’s at Varsity

“Although we weren’t successful in all our matches all the girls continued to fight until the end and never gave up during a match.

“I’m really proud of all the girls this year and all their hard work, I couldn’t ask for a better group of girls to captain.”

Abi Bartlett said: “It will be sad to see the third years go but I know we’ll all remain friends.

Netball 3’s at Varsity

“Love playing with my C4 3rds always so much fun with those girls; bonus that they are all fitties.

Aggie Newton: “Winning games and taking names.”

Cat Butler: “Fantastic season with a lovely group of girls, so sad to see some of our third years go.”

Netball 4’s

This year was a great year for C4 Netball 4’s as it was their first time in the BUCS league and Captain Adian Phillips was in high praise of her team.

She said: “I think I can speak on behalf of my coach and the rest of the squad when I say that the girls have come so far and we could not be prouder.

“We finished this season 2nd place in the league, which is an amazing accomplishment that the girls achieved through their commitment, heads up attitude, teamwork and their willingness to improve their netball skills in training sessions.

The Fourth team have had a strong season.

“Highlight of the year would be our first match, which we won 17-11 and our last match which we completely annihilated the opposing team by 48-7 these two results show the improvement of the team.

“I would like to say well done to all the girls, go on and smash next season, secure first place & get that promotion and in the words of our WD Sara Khan remember ‘Ball is life’.”

C4 Jets

Jets Captain Jessie-May Winstone has said the season has been like no other: “There have been many changes that have proven to be for the better.

“Between, designing and purchasing a new uniform and adding in more and newer teams, we have worked tremendously well to achieve such great results at competition.

“Taking eight teams to comp was a push that we really wanted to strive for and it paid off, with all teams placing in the top eight, within this national competition.

“This, however, did not come cheap and we have excelled in our fundraisers and efforts in supporting funding our own competitions and also raising money for amazing charities such as MIND.

“We are very sad to see the end of the year arrive so fast, but with a personal best season for the team as a whole, including Varsity and competitions, we couldn’t be prouder of everything we have achieved.”

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Men’s Cricket 1’s

Captain Jack Lewis Wheeler is looking forward to the outdoor season.

He said: “Highlight of the year for Men’s Cricket 1’s would be finishing 5th in the country at BUCs.

“A great team performance all year round and beating teams like Exeter and Cardiff Met along the way is a huge achievement.

“We now look forward to getting on with the outdoor season and finishing off a really good year.”

C4’s Men’s First Cricket team are 5th in the country for BUCS

Men’s Cricket 2’s

Ali Barker has been impressed with certain individuals in his team: “The 2’s have had a very mixed season indoors.

“Playing alongside the 1’s in arguably the hardest indoor league in the county was a big struggle that every single player managed to cope with.

“Finishing 5th can only mean the league season was a success.

“However, Varsity didn’t go to plan when we lost to an undoubtedly stronger UKC team.

“The biggest thing to note from this season was how our first years stood up and performed in virtually every game, especially Johnny Amos and James Roche.

“It has been a pleasure to captain such a talented team this year and can’t wait for next season to see what we can do.”

The first years shone in the second team this year.

Women’s Rugby

This year has been one for the history books for Women’s Rugby.

Captain Aegean Leech said: “Our 4th consecutive Varsity win, two players scouted to play for Harlequins and winning our league to get into the Premiership play offs.

“For me as a captain, each week the girls make me proud.

“They train hard and strong each week not to mention, they drink to match this.

“thank them for making me proud”

“One of my favourite things about being captain this year has been to watch a few of the freshers come through as solid athletes even if they thought they’d never be one.

“I love watching their drive and motivation for the sport thrive and it gives me confidence that this legacy I’ve been entrusted with can be left in good hands.

“I have loved every moment of my three years at uni with my rugby team and it brings me great sadness to leave.

“I wish them the best of luck and want to thank them for making me proud and making the best friends!”

Men’s Rugby 1’s

The end of the season for Men’s 1st Rugby was a strong one.

Captain Ed Ellson said: “We won our last six games in a row and haven’t lost since November.

“Unfortunately we came just short in the league to Essex who we beat twice in the league which is frustrating.

Men’s Rugby 1’s at Varsity

“However we won our second consecutive varsity and won 7/10 games in the league so we can’t complain.

“I’m leaving this year along with a few other boys, however the team’s gone from strength to strength so I know I’m leaving it in capable hands.

“It’s been very easy captaining this group of boys and it’s been an absolute pleasure.”

Men’s Rugby 2’s

Second team captain Henry Taylor has had a good year.

“This year has been very enjoyable, both on and off the field.

“beating Kent at home in front of a big crowd”

“We have had some tremendous matches, and some that have been a bit mixed.

“From the very first whistle to the very last, I have loved playing with these boys.

“A big highlight for me was beating Kent at home in front of a big crowd.

“Luckily for me I still have one more year of this to enjoy.”

Men’s Rugby 3’s

Rugby 3’s captain James Yuille’s season was about player growth.

He said: “As captain my highlight of the year was seeing all the new players come through and develope.
“Some of the lads had never touched a rugby ball before but yet through hard work and determination became some of the best players in the team.

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“I’m in my last year and its been an honour and a privilege to captain my team who have made this year amazing.

“I would look forward to each training session as although they were focused it was such a laugh.

“The lads are the nicest individuals and they are a great group of friends on and off the pitch.”

Women’s Volleyball

Captain Chloe Stone and her team have really worked well this year: “As the season draws to a close I can confidently say it’s been a successful year for Women’s Volleyball.

“We’ve had an incredible increase of members signing up from 15 last year to an amazing 35 new members this year.

“This has had a great impact on the team as we have been able to really focus on developing our skills and working as a team which has allowed us to become more successful in our BUCS matches.

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“We’ve have also managed to work very well as a team and make connections with other sports teams through joint socials to ensure that Women’s Volleyball can become even more popular in the years to come.

“Overall, I am very proud of how women’s volleyball has progressed in the space of a year and I hope it continues to progress in the years to come.”


2018 has been a successful year for the dance society.

Rhianna Deon said: “We have grown and grown, our family has got bigger and bigger and we have made so many new memories that we will treasure forever.

“I couldn’t be more proud of everyone”

“We have won 17 trophies at 2 competition, Bucks and Sussex.

“We came out with four 1st places, six 2nd places and five 3rd places overall also including best female (Joelle) and best team spirit.

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“We may not of won Varsity, but I believe that we are true winners, we won best male (Adulai) best costume (Rhianna) and best choreography (Michaella- May) at Varsity, which shows how talented we all are, not only as a group but as individuals.

“I couldn’t be more proud of everyone.

“I’ve seen people grow into such inspiring adults, and I know that people who are leaving will go far and I wish everyone in the society next year good luck, I know that dance will not only grow bigger but will grow stronger.”


Captain Daisy Musgrove believes this year has been one to remember.

She said: “Having only a handful of the team remain, after loads of third years left, we had to recruit a lot of freshers ,but they have all stepped up.

“Entering an early December competition and winning a first, second, third, and team gold was definitely a highlight.

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“Not to mention winning Varsity, when last year we didn’t even get a chance to participate.

“Our best achievement is definitely entering BUCS nationals and managing to get 100% routine completion, over half the team in the finals, and coming away with two silver and two bronze medals.

“Leaving this year I will definitely miss my trampoline family, but I can’t wait to see what the team do next year, as I know they’ll be amazing.”


Race captain Austin Foster has a number of highlights to his year: “With the year coming to an end snow has had various highlights that have made the year a memorable one.

“We were neck and neck at Varsity which resulted in an unfortunate loss for us, however it has shown that we can keep up with Kent and next year with the new solid team basis we can smash training and come back fighting ready to win our first Varsity next year.

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“We have the chance to start competing in Kings race fixtures which will be a massive step up for the club and will get us on the map.

“Elections are coming up and as always competition for each role is as tough as ever, I’d just like to say a big thank you to this years committee and our snow family 2017-2018 without you guys snow sports wouldn’t exist.”


Well done to all the C4 teams for their achievements this year.

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